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This ‘PIECE’ of tech can spin your iPhone into a dual-SIM phone

Most complicated day smartphones don’t come with dual-SIM tech on board. This is quite loyal with a Apple iPhones as they usually support single-SIM functionality. But by regulating a device called PIECE, we can spin your iPhone into a correct dual-SIM handset. The device is sole and marketed by Yerha, that done a news final year for rising a credit label sized smartphone.

Its functionality is flattering simple. You need to insert a SIM label of your choice on a device, spin it on and span it with a iPhone regulating Bluetooth. PIECE also has a dedicated app that helps we control all a functionality of a SIM, including phone calls and messages. 

Once it’s set up, your iPhone works like any other dual-SIM phone would. Users will immediately start receiving phone calls and messages on their iPhone even yet it doesn’t have a SIM label stored locally. This is quite useful for users who are forced to lift dual phones during all times. PIECE can fit into a pockets or even unchanging wallets, creation it easier to lift around. Given a tiny size, it’s also flattering easy to remove sometimes.

PIECE will automatically start beeping if we go over 15 meters of a interconnected phone. Similarly, we can locate a device by drumming a “Find PIECE” symbol on a app. This tiny device can reason any GSM, EGSM, DCS, or PCS card. There are several products like PIECE out there, mostly from China, yet this appears to be a best one we came across.

It will set we behind by Rs 3,900 from, nonetheless a site mentions that it’s no longer in stock. However, we can be told around email when it’s accessible again. As it stands, though, we substantially won’t be means to get PIECE right away.

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