Thursday , 24 May 2018
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This app will indicate your record design and find tunes on Spotify

Spotify has some good song recommendation systems, and a hunt is extensive too. But infrequently an manuscript you’ve seen out competence not have an apparent name on a cover – or you’re only too idle to get typing.

A new initial app called Record Player allows we to take a print of a record sleeve, have it be scanned and analyzed, and afterwards automatically searched for within a Spotify library.

It uses a Google Vision API to theory a source image, and was built regulating Glitch, a height designed to concede for collaborative app design.

You can check it out in movement below:

Record store battlegrounds

There’s fun to be had with a app too – with a upload design function, we can radically feed any design we like into a complement and see what manuscript it earnings as many similar.

Of course, for a partner of earthy media, this might seem a bit of a worrying growth – how prolonged will record stores final if we can so simply only travel into one, take a print of their things and travel divided with all a tunes but spending a penny? It’d be as yet you’re hidden a believe and believe of a curating staff.

But take heart as vinyl is still undergoing something of a resurgence during a moment, quite in a UK where sales increases year-on-year in 2017 to strike 4.1 million units shifted. Might be time still to deposit in one of a picks of a best turntables.

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