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These are Netflix’s ‘Recommended Smart TVs’ for 2018

Netflix is unequivocally sold about a form of TV we watch Netflix on. Not that we would have noticed, given many TVs today have some arrange of app or couple to Netflix. If that’s not a case, we can also get a use by a games console, an Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast… a list is long. 

When it comes to a best Netflix experience, however, there are usually dual brands that have done a cut for Netflix in 2018: LG and Sony. 

The streaming hulk has expelled a list of TVs for 2018 that it recommends and it unequivocally wants we tide regulating an LG 4K UHD TV with webOS 4.0 or a Sony W800F / WF800 series, finish with Android TV.

To get on a endorsed list, a TVs have to pass utterly a difficult test. This includes, according to Netflix, a following criteria: 

– A TV starts adult now and gets to Netflix (or other internet TV services) within only a few seconds.

– The TV Allows users to pierce quick and simply between apps

– And it has to come with a latest chronicle of Netflix (obviously) 

– Finally, it needs to support newer, some-more immersive Netflix browsing experiences, like video previews

If a TV does this and ticks off 5 out of a 7 things a criteria final (including carrying a Netflix dedicated symbol on a remote) afterwards it’s on a list. 

While a list is a tiny on a tiny side during a moment, Netflix does note that: “We exam all TVs that lift Netflix and will continue to news new designations via a year as new inclination turn accessible or get updated.”

For now, though, we can see how rapid a TV needs to be by holding a demeanour during Netflix’s demo of a Sony W800F booting adult Netflix and how quick it indeed is. 

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