Thursday , 24 May 2018
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The UK pushing exam will shortly have a sat nav section

From Dec 4th, anyone holding a pushing exam in a UK will have to infer they’re member with a sat nav as good as gears and pedals, a Driver Vehicle Standards Agency has confirmed.

The eccentric pushing partial of a exam will be extended from 10 to 20 mins and will embody a territory destined by a sat nav for 4 out of 5 candidates. Drivers who don’t get a sat nav will be asked to follow highway signs instead.

The DVSA says examiners will supply a sat navs and be obliged for environment them adult and creation certain they’re safely positioned. As with oral instructions, holding a wrong spin won’t be an involuntary fail, as prolonged as a automobile is still being driven safely.

21st century driving

According to a DVSA, half of automobile drivers in a UK now use a dedicated sat nav or a allied app on their phone, and a thought of a changes is to make certain people can conduct a daze of a glowing, articulate form out on a road.

Introducing a sat nav apportionment of a exam for a infancy of possibilities was about creation a exam “relevant in a 21st century”, UK Transport Minister Andrew Jones told BBC News. 71 percent of respondents asked in a open conference on a changes concluded with a thought of including a sat nav test.

At a same time a normal “turn in a road” and “reverse around a corner” exercises are going to be scrapped, yet pushing instructors will still have to learn them. The refurbish should keep a exam applicable until we’re all being driven by robots.

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