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The U.S.-bound Nokia 3310 3G gets a small smarter, though it’s still unequivocally dumb

If we prolonged for a time when a phones didn’t scan a faces or cost $1,000, there’s a new handset entrance for you. HMD Global has launched another new Nokia 3310, and this one brings 3G speeds and a 27-day battery. And it’s entrance to a U.S.

When Nokia showed off a 3310 reboot during Mobile World Congress progressing this year, it now combined buzz. Not usually was a favorite candy bar handset from a 2000s back, it also brought an updated pattern with a 2.4-inch screen, a removable battery, and a MicroSD slot. But it had problems, too. It didn’t have a hold screen. It didn’t run Android like a other Nokia phones. And, many importantly, it was tied to 2G networks, that meant U.S. buyers were sealed out.

That’s altered with a arriving Nokia 3310 3G. Not usually will it move high(er)-speed Internet access, it will also be means to make calls on U.S. networks. HMD says it will be rising a Nokia 3310 3G in a U.S. though hasn’t given a time support for recover yet. An HMD deputy told me information would be accessible “in a entrance weeks.”

We do know that a handset will be an Australian disdainful during first, where it will cost $90. HMD has also arguable that a general Nokia 3310 will cost 69 Euros, that works out to around $80. 

20170226 nokia 3310 yellow closeupStephen Lawson

The Nokia 3310 looks lovable and all, though it doesn’t do much.

Low price, tiny functionality

However, even for such a low price, a U.S.-bound Nokia 3310 doesn’t offer many over nostalgia. It still runs a Nokia Series 30+ handling complement (which now has a customizable UI), though many people would rather have an Android fork. Plus, it usually has a 2MP camera and usually facilities a tiny handful of apps. And it doesn’t have a hold shade or Wi-Fi. It does, however, come in blue, yellow, red, and charcoal, and includes an upgraded chronicle of a classical Snake game. So there’s that.

For comparison, a Jelly phone has a same 2.4-inch shade though also brings a full chronicle of Android Nougat, 4G networking, an 8MP camera, and GPS. The Nokia 3310 is lovable and kitschy, though we can’t suppose many people indeed shopping one—or amatory a one they’ve purchased. 

Nor do we know either it’ll be sole by any of a vital U.S. carriers. Even with Nokia’s branding, HMD has struggled to make inroads in a U.S. cellphone market. The Nokia 6 is a usually HMD Global handset on sale in a U.S., though it’s usually accessible by Amazon, and only for ATT and T-Mobile customers. At $180 (with close shade ads) it’s usually $100 some-more than a Nokia 3310 cost tag, and we get a full-featured smartphone regulating Android 7.1.

During a introduction, HMD Global arch selling officer Pekka Rantala pronounced a Nokia 3310 will interest to people who wish “a summer phone… a festival phone, and… an intent of desire.” This seems like an extremely tiny niche, though we get what he’s saying. The Nokia 3310 could interest to smartphone users who wish a singular phone to take on vacation, or to relatives who wish their kids to be means to call them. But even then, it’s substantially not value it. Most of a carriers have already begun to transition to 4G LTE exclusively, and there’s no revelation how many longer 3G networks will be reliable. And like a Nokia 6, it’s doubtful to work on a Verizon or Sprint spectrum.

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