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The subsequent Sonos orator will be denounced on Jun 6

Rumors started swirling final week that Sonos could be building an ascent to a Sonos Bar, with HDMI ARC and Amazon’s personal assistant, Alexa, built-in. 

If that does finish adult happening, it’s going to occur during a Jun 6 eventuality hold in San Francisco. Sonos sent out invitations to a eventuality this morning with a really revelation GIF attached:The GIF, shown below, shows a garland of remotes on a list with a word “You’re improved than this” on it. 

While this could connote to a fact that Alexa has a ability to lift and reduce volume around voice commands, it some-more than expected points to a soundbar that uses Audio Return Channel (HDMI ARC) to facilitate home museum setups. 

Of course, it’s all only surmise until we strech a Jun 6 event.

Sonos products in 2018 

While Sonos has always been an sparkling association to follow, this final year has been one of a many sparkling for one of a innovators of multi-room audio.

The many sparkling product in that time has been a Sonos One, a wireless orator with Amazon’s Alexa built-in and Sonos’ heading multi-room audio functionality. 

In a review, we called a orator a “cleanly designed, feature-rich and great-sounding device that brings together a best of both ecosystems,” and carried a probability of apropos “the ideal Alexa speaker.” 

There was also a Sonos Playbase (top image), a new form cause for Sonos that put a brand’s multi-room audio tech inside your TV cabinet.

The many expected unfolding is that a arriving Sonos orator will mix a best of those dual products – a intelligent partner from a Sonos One and a form cause of a Playbase. Whether or not that turns out to be a case, however, we’ll only have to wait until Jun 6 to find out.  

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