Saturday , 24 March 2018
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The subsequent judicious step in Google’s Android-Chrome OS ‘merger’

Oh, hi there. Welcome back. How was your 4th?

While many of us were mentally checked out forward of a U.S. holiday weekend, an engaging tidbit sensitively crept onto a phones. It seemed around an out-of-sight dash in a new beta chronicle of a Google app—the practical mind that controls a Google feed (formerly famous as Google Now), a Google Assistant, and other critical Android functions.

As a observant sleuths during Android Police initial noticed, a fibre of formula in a updated app seemingly suggests Google is scheming for a Assistant to pierce over phones and Home and make a approach into a universe of Chrome OS. And let me tell you: That matters—more than we competence think.

We’ll get to a “why” in a second. First, a few impending details, starting with a user-facing content that accompanies a formula in question. As we can see, it doesn’t accurately kick around a bush:

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