Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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The new AI-powered Google News app is now accessible for iOS

Google teased a new chronicle of a News app with AI smarts during a I/O eventuality final week, and now that revamped app landed for iOS and Android inclination in 127 countries. The redesigned app replaces a previous Google Play Newsstand app.

The thought is to make anticipating and immoderate news easier than ever, while providing an knowledge that’s customized to any reader and understanding of media publications. The AI component is designed to learn from what we review to assistance offer we a improved preference of calm over time, while a app is presented with a transparent and purify layout.

Opening a app brings adult a tailored ‘For You’ add-on that acts as a discerning briefing, portion adult a tip 5 stories “of a moment” and a tailored preference of opinion articles and longer reads subsequent it.

The subsequent territory — ‘Headlines’ — dives some-more deeply into a latest news, covering global, U.S., business, technology, entertainment, sports, scholarship and health segments. Clicking a story pulls adult ‘Full Coverage’ mode, that surfaces a operation of calm around a subject including editorial and opinion pieces, tweets, videos and a timeline of events.


Favorites is a add-on that allows customization set by a user — though AI. It works as you’d imagine, vouchsafing we symbol out elite topics, news sources and locations to filter your reads. There’s also an choice for saved searches and stories that can be fast summoned.

The final territory is ‘Newsstand’ which, as a name suggests aggregates media. Google pronounced final week that it skeleton to offer over 1,0000 repository titles we can follow by drumming a star icon or subscribing to. It now looks a small meagre though specific repository titles, though we design that’ll come soon.

As partial of that, another underline entrance shortly is “Subscribe with Google, that lets publications offer subscription-based content. The routine of subscribing will use a user’s Google account, and a remuneration information they already have on file. Then, a paid calm becomes accessible opposite Google platforms, including Google News, Google Search and publishers’ possess websites.

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