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The JBL Link Bar brings Google Assistant and Android TV together in a soundbar

Ahead of a Google IO 2018 eventuality on May 8, Google and JBL have announced a new multiply of soundbar that takes a best of both companies and mashes them together.

The outcome is a JBL Link Bar, and it offers Android TV and Google Assistant all built into a unibody soundbar.

Now, we competence be wondering, because is that so appealing? 

Android TV has apps for Netflix, YouTube and Hulu, while Google Assistant that offers voice control over your intelligent home devices, song streaming services and answers to voice inquiries. Combining a 3 products together in one mark is not usually intensely convenient, though it’s also potentially cost-saving, too.

If we were a betting website (which we’re not) we’d gamble that a JBL Link Bar is expected to take core theatre – alongside a series of other new audio devices – during a May 8 event.

No reward for Sonos 

If there’s one entity who’d be dumbfounded during a thought of a two-in-one soundbar, it’s Sonos. Late final week a association sent out invitations to a Jun 6 eventuality in San Francisco where it’s widely believed to be display a product identical to a one JBL announced today.

Sonos’ arriving orator is believed to incorporate Amazon’s Alexa intelligent partner instead of Google’s, however, and there’s no word on what handling complement a Sonos audio product will run, if any. 

While a JBL Link Bar is expected to take some of a breeze out of Sonos’ sails, keep in mind that Sonos not usually has a some-more strong multi-room audio height of a possess pattern going for it, though also a final product – a Sonos One – was simply a best-sounding intelligent orator expelled final year. (Sorry Apple HomePod!) 

What else is Google stealing adult a sleeve? We’ll only have to wait until May 8 to find out! 

Via The Verge 

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