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The iPod’s legacy: How Apple’s song actor reshuffled the future


The iPod, as many of a universe accepted it, is no more. The discontinuation of a iPod nano and iPod shuffle represented a second tumble for a pioneering strain player, that saw a strange initial form cause disappear when Apple retired a tough drive-based iPod classic. But while a product in Apple’s device family still bears a name iPod, it is one in name usually even as it plays music. If brands reflected accurate descriptions, a product would be a “iPhone Wi-Fi,” not a “iPod touch.”

While a iMac noted a commencement of Apple’s turnaround, a iPod represented a company’s initial successful pierce over a PC. It paved a approach for us to consider of Apple not only as a mechanism organisation or even an wiring company, though an ecosystem company.

The transition from a initial iPods to a final ones has spawned many paradoxes. The iPod will expected go down as a final device that relied on a PC as a core of a universe in a syncing model that borrowed from a Palm Pilot. It represented both a arise and decrease of Apple’s digital heart plan for a Mac. While a strange iPod did zero though play music, a iPod hold is a jack of all apps.

And while a strange iPod, that predated a iTunes Store, relied on your existent music, Apple now drives a subscription use that does divided with a squeeze of a particular marks that was a iTunes Store’s hallmark. While a iPod nano and trifle were in decrease for many years, a miss of harmony with Apple Music became a final spike in their coffin. Apple could have brought them into a fold, though a Apple Watch is now a choice for a those who wish something smaller than an iPhone concomitant their runs.

Indeed, meditative behind to a champions of task-driven unstable wiring before a arise of smartphones, Garmin still creates unstable navigation inclination and Canon and Sony still make unstable cameras and camcorders even if a former have had to compute with facilities such as incomparable sensors and longer zooms. But while Amazon and eBay offer no necessity of nominally branded Chinese MP3 players, a final vital code from a iPod’s heyday to recover a digital strain actor space was SanDisk, that was acquired by Western Digital final year. Take heart, Zune. It wasn’t you.

In terms of revenue, Apple has turn an iPhone company. But while a iPhone represented a totally opposite product category, it still had ties to a iPod — from labeling a strain app after a prototype to a heading white earbuds (and now AirPods). The iPhone itself represented an Apple redo after a organisation attempted to execute a passing phone partnership with Motorola for a ROKR. At a introduction of that underline phone, Steve Jobs referred to a device as a “iTunes phone” and compared it agreeably to a initial iPod shuffle.

The iPod hold might have mislaid many of a organisation with music, though music-playing pods have not totally left Apple’s world. The company’s entrance into a intelligent orator space with HomePod recalls a kind of platform-free simplicity for that he iPod was known. Of course, a HomePod, like many of Apple’s devices, can strech good over a internal storage that a nano and trifle limited. What began as a thousand songs in your slot has turn probably any strain anywhere.


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