Monday , 21 May 2018
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The temperament politics of emoji

Welcome behind to CTRL+T, TechCrunch’s latest weekly podcast in that Megan Rose Dickey and we collect a stories we suspicion were engaging adequate to speak to we about.

This week we wondered if dungeon phones can adversely impact your health (or kill you), a goggles of Magic Leap and a problem Twitter has with a hateful people on a platform.

Then after in a ep, Megan chats adult Jeremy Burge, a Aussie owner of Emojipedia. Importantly, they speak about either a plural of “emoji” is “emoji” or “emojis.” You know you’ve been wondering. They also discussed a need for a pedia for emoji, Simpsons yellow and a skin-shade politics of mobile communication. “Having things lopsided heavily toward white group is a uncanny keyboard — that’s not cool,” he says. It’s complicated.

So click play on a actor above and allow on your favorite podcast player. We’ll be behind again subsequent Saturday with some some-more TechCrunch goodness.

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