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The destiny of mobility: Are we seeking a right questions?

In a 2000 documentary No Maps for These Territories, science novella author William Gibson remarks, “I consider we live in an unintelligible present.” An consultant quoted in The New York Times insists that “we’ve reached a new turn where nobody knows what’s going to happen.”

I disagree. The benefaction is distinct and it is probable to make foresight-rich preparations for a destiny if we ask a right questions.

One of a categories requiring a sharpest questions about a destiny is mobility. The mobile benefaction has many relocating collection and is really complex, though bottom patterns are discernible. we trust each tellurian on this universe needs during slightest to try to sense a stream indicate to that a mobile series has brought us. Furthermore, we trust complicated executives have a fiduciary shortcoming to consider prolonged and tough about where a mobile series is holding us. 

Why mobility matters

The many fast adopted consumer record in a story of mankind, mobile record has had a outrageous mercantile impact — some-more than $1 trillion — and has altered a corporate rival landscape as good as how people live their daily lives. Some go so distant as to disagree that mobile technologies have altered what it is to be human. 

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