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The Dell Precision 5520 lets we get to work in Ubuntu 16.04

Dell’s Precision 5520 is one of a unequivocally few laptops to offer a Linux placement as a pre-installed handling system. Another is Dell’s XPS 13 Developer Edition, that offers good opening in a restrict size. For people wanting something a small some-more powerful, a Precision 5520 (which starts during $1,399 but is $2,765.50 as configured) packs workstation levels of energy while remaining customarily bashful of 4 pounds (3.93, to be exact). 

Harmonious hardware

This is indeed a second Precision 5520 PCWorld has received. A initial section suffered dual indignities. First, Dell commissioned a wrong Linux heart that didn’t have all a updated drivers it needed. Second, we unsuccessful to follow adult with Dell when we had problems with a Wi-Fi, keyboard shortcuts, and arrangement brightness.

If zero else, a mixup with a Precision 5520 showed customarily how bad an knowledge can be on unequivocally good hardware if a suitable drivers aren’t supplied. It also showed since simply installing a Linux distro on a appurtenance meant for Windows (along with Secure Boot and all a nonsense that entails), unequivocally doesn’t offer a same knowledge as a appurtenance that’s shipped with Linux in mind. Fighting with hardware is one of a reasons people equivocate Linux, after all.

PCWorld regrets a errors, and we’re happy to news a second section is a finish depart from a knowledge we had before. The Ubuntu animation for a new designation played a informed boopy-beepy music. we was means to bond to my home network a approach we design NetworkManager to, though a hitch. The shade liughtness was controllable from a hardware keys, yet Ubuntu still didn’t seem to like a Windows pivotal or a Search pivotal to open adult a concept hunt pane.

Performance starts with a body

The Precision 5520 is a opposite category of laptop than a XPS 13, and it shows. The device is physically bigger, looking some-more like an XPS 15, with Dell’s aluminum and well-spoken matte-black touches all around.

Alex Campbell

Of course, many of your time with a PC will be spent looking during a screen, and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s a splendid 3840×2160 (4K) touchscreen that keeps things pointy in a 15 erratic inches of genuine estate.The screen’s bezel is slim, definition that some-more of that area is taken adult with tangible pixels. To that end, Dell has placed a webcam nearby a hinge, permitting a shade to extend serve adult top. Just be warned, this means a camera will be looking adult during you, prepared to expel ungainly shadows and prominence any flaws in your neck and chin. 

The palm-rest area facilities something many users won’t be accustomed to: an Intel Xeon trademark (in place of a some-more common Core i5 or Core i7 branding), that indicates right divided that this appurtenance is all about a cores—of that there are eight—and not indispensably a clocks (although a 2.9GHz time speed isn’t shabby). In fact, a Precision’s Xeon demolished a Core-grade CPU in a 2015 XPS 13 Developer Edition we used for comparison. The additional cores and aloft clocks unequivocally paid off in CPU-intensive tasks like heart gathering and record compression.

The PC also comes with a vast assisting of RAM, to a balance of 32GB. That’s a lot some-more than a normal user will need, though it’s a vast advantage for workstation loads, saving a complement from carrying to strike a barter space (virtual memory) on a storage drive.

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