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The Dell Precision 5520 is hobbled by Linux heart 4.4

Editor’s note: After this essay posted, Dell told us a section we perceived did not have a scold prolongation chronicle of Linux installed. The association is shipping us a new section for testing. We’ll refurbish this essay as shortly as possible. 

Lots of laptops can run Linux, yet it’s tough to come by laptops that offer Linux as a pre-installed handling system. Dell has been a biggest name to offer penguin-friendly portables, privately with a XPS 13 Developer Edition. While a XPS 13 offers good energy in a compress size, some people competence wish something a small some-more powerful. Enter a Precision 5520.

The Precision 5520 (which starts during $1,399 but is $2,765.50 as configured here) offers a smashing volume of energy for those looking to do some workstation tasks on a Linux desktop. However, there were a few vital hangups that unequivocally hold a Precision behind from realizing a full potential.

The good

The Precision 5520 is a opposite category of laptop than a XPS 13, and it shows. The device is physically bigger, looking some-more like an XPS 15, with Dell’s aluminum and well-spoken matte-black touches all around.

precision 5520Alex Campbell

The Dell Precision 5520 regulating Ubuntu 16.04.

Of course, many of your time with a PC will be spent looking during a screen, and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s a splendid 3840×2160 (4K) touchscreen that keeps things pointy in a 15 erratic inches of genuine estate.The screen’s bezel is slim, definition that some-more of that area is taken adult with tangible pixels. To that end, Dell has placed a webcam nearby a hinge, permitting a shade to extend serve adult top. 

precision 5520 pts hardware

The Precision 5520’s hardware compared to a 2015 XPS 13’s hardware.

The palm-rest area facilities something many users won’t be accustomed to: an Intel Xeon trademark (in place of a some-more common Core i5 or Core i7 branding), that indicates right divided that this appurtenance is all about a cores—of that there are eight—and not indispensably a clocks (although a 2.9GHz time speed isn’t shabby). In fact, a Precision’s Xeon demolished a Core-grade CPU in a 2015 XPS 13 Developer Edition we used for comparison. The additional cores and aloft clocks unequivocally paid off in CPU-intensive tasks like heart gathering and record compression.

The PC also comes with a large assisting of RAM, to a balance of 32GB. That’s a lot some-more than a normal user will need, yet for workstation loads, users will see a large advantage from not carrying to strike a barter space (virtual memory) on their storage drives.

precision 5520 portsAlex Campbell

The Dell Precision 5520’s USB 3.0, USB-C and HDMI ports.

For connectivity, a laptop comes with 3 USB ports: one USB-C and dual USB 3.0. You also get an HDMI out, an SD label reader, and a Kensington lock. For those who cite regulating a mouse, you’ll substantially wish to go with a Bluetooth choice in sequence to save a dual USB 3.0 ports for other stuff.

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