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The BlackBerry Key2 is strictly nearing on Jun 7

We’ve listened rumors and speculation about a new BlackBerry phone called a Key2 and now it’s (just about) central – BlackBerry has sent out invitations to a special launch eventuality in New York on Jun 7, and mentions a Key2 by name.

The phone will be a follow-up to final year’s BlackBerry KeyOne, that tender us with a keyboard-led pattern and program confidence yet that was something of a letdown in terms of a opening underneath a hood and all a other things a complicated phone is ostensible to hoop these days – like song and movies.

If you’ve got a hungry for BlackBerry phones of yesteryear though, a Key2 launch should really be value looking out for. The tagline on a invitation is “an idol reborn”, so that certain sounds like BlackBerry’s classical proceed updated for a universe in 2018.

Classic BlackBerry

In law BlackBerry has been attempting to revitalise a traditional-looking, earthy keyboard phones to contest with Samsung, Apple, Google and a rest for years now – remember a 2014 BlackBerry Classic? let’s wish they can get it only a small bit some-more right this time around.

Based on what we’ve listened so far, we’re awaiting a dual-lens camera on a behind of a device, and of march a correct keyboard that we can crush your digits into. We’re anticipating that there’s adequate oomph underneath a hood too, so it can keep adult with perfectionist tasks.

We’re now reduction than a month divided from that launch date, so we should start to hear some-more rumors and leaks season by in a days ahead, yet we’ll also move we all a central news as it’s announced from New York. In a year that’s been dominated by top-quality phones, BlackBerry has a work cut out to keep up.

Via Android Police

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