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The best Sky TV packages, deals and Sky Q offers in Oct 2017

Every week we take a demeanour during a latest Sky TV packages, deals and special offers to make certain that you’re removing a really best prices when we confirm to pointer up! So if you’re perplexing to confirm that Sky TV offer is for you, what a Sky Q box is and if we can means it or even if we should be removing one in a initial place – you’re in a right place!

As we corkscrew down a page, we’ll plead a latest Sky TV packages, offers and any special deals and travel we by a incomparable bundles with a discretionary extras like Sky Cinema and Sky Sports.

Two of Sky’s many renouned TV bundles are on offer this week. Both a Variety and Box Sets packages have been ignored by £7 a month, clarification a contracts are £126 cheaper than usual. We’ll give we a sum on both Sky TV deals serve down this page.

Signing adult with Sky: what we need to know first

As things mount today, you’ll initial need to name one of a tip 3 Sky TV packages next afterwards supplement additional channel bundles around a options on Sky’s website if we wish sports etc. There’s no bespoke Sky Sports package by default during a moment, yet we can supplement it after selecting a initial bundle, by usually scrolling down and looking for a Sky Sports offers to bolt-on.

Are there any Sky Q deals for new customers?

Yes! Actually, all of these Sky TV packages embody a Sky Q box by default if you’re signing adult as a new customer. When selecting your Sky TV package from a list of offers below, you’ll be presented with dual Sky Q deals to name from.

The default Sky Q box is a 1TB choice with a one-off £20 setup cost. Opt for a 2TB Sky Q box yet and that setup cost rises to a rather high £199. That’s flattering oppressive to be honest, nonetheless a monthly prices don’t change, so it is usually a one-off cost to consider. 

Alternatively, we can get a 2TB Sky Q box for £65 instead if we supplement Sky Q Multiscreen to your gold for £12 a month. We’d get your channels sorted first, afterwards maybe corkscrew behind adult to a Sky Q offers’ territory once we have a improved thought of a altogether cost, that is handily updated via during a tip of a screen.

Do we need a 2TB Sky Q box?

In serve to double a storage (that’s adult to 1000 hours in customary definition) of a customary Sky Q box, a 2TB Sky Q understanding comes with a few additional benefits. Such as being means to record 6 shows during once instead of three, while examination a seventh. You also get a fancier Sky Q Touch remote control, an additional inscription allowance, and a all-important celebration square – we can suffer name channels in Ultra HD. Which is good if you’ve recently taken advantage of a cheap 4K TV deal.

1. The best Sky TV packages:

Sky TV Original gold | 18 months | 270+ channels | £20 set adult | 1TB Sky Q box | £22 £20 per month
If you’re looking for a cheapest choice for a Sky TV package, prices start from £20 a month with a medium bonus for now. You can always shaft on extras serve down a line if we imagination some Sky Sports or additional movies. This package comes with a 1TB Sky Q Box as standard.

View deal: Sky TV Original gold from £20pm

Sky TV Variety gold | 18 months | 300+ channels | 4500 kids’ episodes | £20 set adult | 1TB Sky Q box | £32 £25 per month
For usually £25 a month you’re removing a Variety Sky package with an additional 30 channels and a outrageous 4500 episodes of kids’ TV shows compared to a simple Original bundle. This is a good time to squeeze this understanding as it’s £7 a month cheaper than normal, saving £126 over a march of a contract.

View deal: Sky TV Variety gold from £25pm

Sky TV Box Sets gold | 18 months | 350+ channels | 4500 kids’ episodes | 350+ box sets | £20 set adult | 1TB Sky Q box |   £38 £31 per month
Sky has an glorious preference of box sets and you’ll never be brief of new shows to watch on this now £31 a month Sky package. It’s £7 a month cheaper, saving £126 over a 18 month contract. You can now suffer Tin Star, Blacklist, Ray Donovan, Legion, Ballers, Twin Peaks, Supergirl and loads more. This is also a one to go for if we cite examination channels in HD – see a endless list of channels serve down this page to see them all. Highlights embody Sky Atlantic, Sky 1, Fox, Film 4 and many more. 3D TV owners can also get 3D options enclosed on this tier for free.

View deal: Sky TV Box Sets gold from £31pm

2. Sky TV packages bolt-on extras

When we click by to any of a bundles above, you’ll be offering mixed extras to supplement to to your Sky package as we go. Everything from bigger Sky Q boxes, Sky Sports subscriptions, Sky Cinema, broadband and so on.

Note: If you’re clicking by to Sky from a Bolt-on sections below, rather than a contracts above, it might seem that a new cheaper rates aren’t accessible for a categorical contract, yet click a package we wish and we should see a ignored rate during a tip of a page and during checkout.

Sky Cinema | 18 months | £10pm
You can supplement Sky Cinema to your gold for an additional £10 a month. Sky boasts that a new premiere is combined bland to a collection of over 1000 movies. There’s some really complicated equipment in there too, ones we won’t find on Netflix UK during a impulse either. Recent highlights embody Doctor Strange, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Inferno, Finding Dory and more.

Add: Sky Cinema to your Sky TV package

Sky Sports Complete Pack | £27.50 per month (no contract)
Sky Sports Complete Pack | £20 per month (18 month contract)

Unlike a Sky Cinema appendage above, we don’t have to hang with Sky Sports over a march of your contract. So if we usually need it for during a deteriorate of certain sports, we can always cancel it for a while to save some money. You do have to give 31 days’ notice, so devise accordingly to equivocate blank a finish of a deteriorate or being stranded with it for a month after. 

With these Sky Sports bundles we get a following Sky Sports channels: Sky Sports Premier league, Sky Sports Football, Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports Main Event (for a world’s biggest sporting events). 

You can get somewhat cheaper options if we opt for fewer sports channels (getting usually Sky Sports is £18 a month), or dedicate to an 18-month signup for a same package. Before checkout, we can also supplement a HD ascent for a Sports channels for £6 a month.

To find a ‘no contract’ £27.50 a month offer, when presented with a dual options, name ‘Choose your sports channels’ on a left afterwards corkscrew down to a ‘Complete Sports Pack.’ Or, if you’re happy to have all a Sky Sports channels for 18 months, usually name a £20 a month choice on a right.

View: Sky TV Sky Sports gold add-ons

Sky Fibre Broadband | 18 months | £19.95 one off set-up price | £20-30 per month
If you’re also looking for a broadband deal, afterwards we can supplement one to your Sky package from as small as £20 a month. It all depends on what’s accessible in your area, you’ll need to enter your postcode to check. The cheapest £20 a month package usually allows for 25GB of usage, so if you’re formulation on streaming video calm or regulating it for gaming (we’ve seen PS4 diversion rags bigger than 25GB) we’d go for one of a Unlimited information deals instead. 

There are dual Unlimited options (again, speeds count on your postcode). We were offering prices from £23.99 per month for a slower tier and deals for a faster speeds started during £30.99 per month. As things stand, prices are ignored for a initial 12 months, with a medium strike for a remaining six.

View: Sky TV and Broadband packages

What Sky TV package is Game of Thrones on?

Game of Thrones deteriorate 7 has usually finished, yet Sky are about to start broadcasting a whole array from a start. So you’ll be means to tell your Sky Q box to record a lot for you.

What HD Channels do we get on Sky TV?

With all packages we get during slightest a customary giveaway to atmosphere HD channels. To be honest we also get a satisfactory few of these with customary Freeview HD.

  • BBC One HD
  • BBC Two HD
  • BBC Four HD
  • BBC News HD
  • CBeebies HD
  • ITV HD
  • 4 HD
  • 5 HD
  • NHK World HD
  • RT HD

You’ll need to dash out on a £38 a month ‘Box Sets bundle’ in sequence to get a flashier HD channels. Once we do though, you’ll get entrance to a following channels as well:

  • Sky Atlantic HD
  • Sky 1 HD
  • Sky Living HD
  • Sky Arts HD
  • Sky News HD
  • Sky Sports News HD
  • Fox HD
  • Comedy Central HD
  • Syfy HD
  • Dave HD
  • Food HD
  • MTV HD
  • ITV Encore
  • E HD
  • W HD
  • E4 HD
  • Film 4 HD
  • More 4 HD
  • ITV 2 HD
  • ITV 3 HD
  • ITV 4 HD
  • TCM HD
  • Animal Planet HD
  • History Channel HD
  • National Geographic HD
  • Nat Geo Wild HD
  • Discovery HD
  • Disney Channel HD
  • Disney Junior HD
  • Disney XD HD
  • Cartoon Network HD
  • Nickelodeon HD
  • Nick Jr. HD
  • Boomerang HD
  • Alibi HD
  • Crime and Investigation HD
  • Eden HD
  • Lifetime HD
  • Star Plus HD
  • TLC HD
  • Universal HD
  • Viceland HD
  • Sky Sports Mixc HD
  • Eurosport 1 HD
  • Eurosport 2 HD
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