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The best shade recorders for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

Screen recorders can infer useful in a whole horde of situations: for display off your gaming exploits, or for putting adult a educational on a web, or for demonstrating a facilities of your code new app.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to record what’s on a screen, a horde of applications out there will do a pursuit for you, and with a smallest of fuss. Here we’ve picked out a favorites opposite Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and a web.


1. Camtasia

Long-standing module for professionals

Camtasia (Windows, macOS) has been in a shade recording diversion longer than most, and offers some-more facilities than many too – as good as capturing what’s on shade with aplomb, this entirely fledged video modifying fortitude can also supplement copiousness of extras and edits on tip too.

Whatever we wish to record, from games to PowerPoints, Camtasia can take it all in a walk – with or nonetheless audio, with or nonetheless a webcam feed, and so on. Annotations, additional media files, transitions, titles and some-more can afterwards all be forsaken in with your footage.

Despite all a features, a module never feels too complex, interjection to an discerning timeline interface. On a downside, it is costly during $249 (about £180), nonetheless we can exam it out for 30 days for free. For something cheaper and simpler, try SnagIt from a same developer studio.

OBS Studio

2. OBS Studio

The heading giveaway shade recorder

People who don’t wish to compensate for their shade recorder collection tend to group to OBS Studio (Windows, macOS), and with good reason: it lets we facilely mix opposite sources and audio marks together, make-up in facilities you’d customarily have to spend heavily to get.

Built with gamers in mind, live streaming options underline prominently, nonetheless we can only as simply save your recordings to disk. On tip of that we get modernized facilities like sound rebate (for your voiceovers) and a ability to set transitions between your scenes.

All of this is profusion if we only wish to record a discerning shave – and to a finish beginner, OBS Studio maybe isn’t a best of a options listed here – nonetheless we get a raise of excellent shade recording and live streaming facilities for free, and that’s formidable to disagree with.

Icecream Screen Recorder

3. Icecream Screen Recorder

Does a basics, and does them well

Not everybody wants a large underline sets of a likes of Camtasia or OBS Studio, and Icecream Screen Recorder (Windows, macOS) is a some-more compress and accessible alternative. Fire it up, click a record button, name a partial of a shade to record, and you’re off.

Choosing your recording area and saving your footage couldn’t unequivocally be any easier, nonetheless it’s not a many accurate apparatus we’ve ever come across. The module lets we pull on your footage, supplement a webcam feed, wizz while recording, and name your final video quality.

Upgrade to a Pro chronicle of a module (£19.95/$27), and we can mangle by a five-minute time limit, as good as name from some-more outlay formats, modify between formats, supplement watermarks, and report shade recordings – facilities that can all come in handy.


4. TinyTake

Screen recording done simple

Continuing a thesis of smaller, easier shade recorders, we benefaction TinyTake (Windows, macOS). It has all a facilities you’re expected to need, nothing of a flint we don’t, and is utterly good when it comes to pity prisoner videos and photos with other people.

As for a categorical capturing routine itself, once you’ve combined an comment (which isn’t optional), we can be recording your mechanism shade in a integrate of clicks. Drag out a area we wish to record, click a start button, and TinyTake facilely handles a rest.

And that unequivocally is all there is to it – if we wish to supplement annotations, or record anything longer than 5 minutes, you’ll need to ascent to a paid-for chronicle of TinyTake ($29.95 or about £22 a year). For elementary shade recording and easy pity to places like YouTube, though, it’s ideal.


5. ScreenFlow

One of a best options for Macs

Apple macOS indeed comes with some shade recording collection built in – some-more on that in a impulse – nonetheless ScreenFlow (macOS) is a critical ascent on what Apple’s desktop module can do on a own, and it adds a raise of accessible facilities and additional video modifying tools.

For example, we can crop, pan, and wizz around opposite collection of your video recording, as good as supplement annotations and callouts on tip of a footage you’ve captured. It’s a entirely featured and discerning video editor as good as a extensive apparatus for shade recording.

As for a tangible capturing bit, it couldn’t be any easier to use: collect your video source(s), collect your audio source(s), and divided we go. Footage from your webcam can be simply combined into your categorical video, and a whole routine is sharp and streamlined throughout. It’ll set we behind $129 (about £94) nonetheless a giveaway hearing is available.


6. Screencastify

Straightforward Chrome extension

If we don’t wish to implement additional module on your mechanism (well, detached from a browser extension), Screencastify (Chrome) is one of a best options. To use a prolongation nonetheless a watermark and for some-more than 10 mins during a time, a reward ascent ($24 or about £17 a year) is required.

Just since a module is an appendage for your browser doesn’t meant you’re limited to recording browser windows, nonetheless we can do that if we want. Screencastify is means to record in full-screen mode as well, and supports audio from your complement or a microphone.

The prolongation is even intelligent adequate to hide a feed from your webcam as well, so you’ve got lots of flexibility, even if we don’t get utterly as many bells and whistles as we do with other programs. On-screen drawings and annotations are upheld in Screencastify too.

AZ Screen Recorder

7. AZ Screen Recorder

Comprehensive Android shade recording

AZ Screen Recorder (Android) is one of a tip choices for Google’s mobile handling system, bringing with it easy-to-use controls, copiousness of recording options, and even a lightweight video editor if we wish to trim down your recordings before pity them.

Everything is rubbed with a tiny pop-up window that disappears when we start recording. You have a choice to illustrate shade touches, and embody microphone audio constraint too, depending on what we need from your Android shade recording.

Delve into a settings and we can adjust a video recording resolution, support rate and orientation, and even supplement a timelapse outcome if necessary. It’s got only about all we could wish from a shade recorder apparatus on an Android device.

DU Recorder

8. DU Recorder

Capture, edit, share…

Based on a stats in a Google Play Store, DU Recorder (Android) is even some-more renouned than AZ Screen Recorder when it comes to Android devices. Like a competitor, we get well-spoken and fast shade recording, and no phone rooting or reconfiguration is needed.

A tiny pop-up dialog lets we start and stop recording, and afterwards we can constraint all from games to web browsing. Multiple video peculiarity and support rate settings are available, and we can even hide a “face cam” around your phone’s front-facing camera.

Simple video modifying collection and easy share options are enclosed with DU Recorder as well, so it unequivocally is an all-round package for recording shade activity on Android. What’s more, we get all of it for free, with no in-app purchases and no restrictions on what we can do.


9. QuickTime and iOS Screen Recording

Solutions for Apple devices

You competence have beheld we haven’t mentioned any collection for iOS yet, and that’s since Apple boundary what third-party apps can do. However, iOS and macOS come with integrated collection that should be means to take caring of your shade recording needs on Apple hardware.

The built-in iOS shade recorder is accessible around a Control Center: only daub a record symbol to start recording. If we can’t see a red, round icon, open adult iOS Settings, daub Control Center afterwards Customize Settings, and make certain Screen Recording is included.

Over on macOS you’ve got QuickTime: name File, afterwards New Screen Recording to record activity on your Mac, or bond adult an iPhone afterwards name New Movie Recording and collect a iPhone as a source. These are elementary options, nonetheless they do a pursuit good enough.

  • QuickTime and Screen Recording come built into macOS and iOS
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