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The best PS4 Pro prices, bundles and sales in Australia (October 2017)

UPDATED: The best deal going at the moment is at The Gamesmen, where you can grab Horizon Zero Dawn along with the console for under $560. Scroll down for more.

Sony has beaten Microsoft to the punch with its new 4K gaming system, the PS4 Pro, and you should definitely grab one.

Here you’ll find the best prices around on the PS4 Pro console and any bundle deals available, and even if the retail prices aren’t going to be too different this close to launch, there are some amazing bundles coming and going at the moment that are worth a look-in.

If you’re happy to hold out, then there’s a good chance you’ll be able to score yourself a bargain during Australia’s Black Friday sales.

Keep this page bookmarked and we’ll update it with bundles as they arrive, or scroll further down if you’ve got any burning questions about the new 4K PS4 Pro. To compare PlayStation 4 Pro prices in real time, check out our pick below, or visit our sister site Getprice.

The best PlayStation 4 Pro bundles

While Playstation 4 Pro bundles are constantly shifting from store to store, we’ve listed and ranked the best current options from the major retailers below so you don’t have to do the sniffing and scratching yourself. 

Remember that the value of a bundle will ultimately come down to whether or not you were going to purchase the included game (or games) anyway and while some bundles are obviously better priced than others, you should check to see if that saving is worthwhile.

PS4 Pro 1TB | $447.20 @ Big W eBay store

We’re aware that this isn’t a bundle, but it is an incredible price on the console. If you use the code PBIGW at checkout, you’ll knock 20% off the asking price of $559 and bring it down to just $447.20. Hurry and get amongst it though, because the offer ends September 20 or until stock runs out (which it probably will).

View this deal for $447.20 at Big W’s eBay store.

PS4 Pro 1TB | Horizon Zero Dawn | only $559.95 @ The Gamesmen 

If you want one of the hottest titles to hit the PlayStation 4 this year, then check out the sale on The Gamesmen’s bundle. Grab a 1TB Pro console along with Horizon Zero Dawn and knock a neat $78 off the overall cost. If you’re gonna grab the game anyway, you may as well get it all cheaper, ey?

View this deal for $597 @ The Gamesmen eBay store.

PS4 Pro 1TB | GTA V | only $559 @ EB Games

There isn’t much in the way of bundles at the moment, in fact this is literally the only one we could find, but if you really want to buy a PS4 Pro right now then you may as well grab it alongside GTA V for no extra dosh. Even though the game was released a while ago, it’s got massive replayability and still has a hugely active online community.

View this deal for $559 @ EB Games.

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What is the PS4 Pro?

Although the PS4 Pro isn’t a ‘next-gen’ console necessarily, it is an upgrade of the PS4 and features the coveted 4K and HDR options that we’re hearing so much about. 

The new machine will allow game developers to include 4K options in their games, so expect the like of Uncharted 4, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Days Gone, Horizon: Zero Dawn and more to look even better on a 4K TV.

HDR, or High Dynamic Range is the other buzzword to be excited about as the PS4 Pro will allow for extra detail to be seen on a range of games and also a wider range of colours not usually displayed by traditional HD TVs.

Will my old PS4 games work on PS4 Pro?

Yes. While not every game will be patched to take advantage of the new 4K/HDR capabilities, all of your old games will still work. Not only that, but the default upscaling (if you have a 4K TV) will likely see some improvements to the visuals and the boosted console power may give a slight nudge to the frame rates for some smoother play.

What else can I watch in 4K/HDR on PS4 Pro?

With services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video adopting 4K and HDR, with an ever-growing library entering the services, the PS4 Pro will be excellent as a streaming and media hub for your home theatre. There’s also a lot of free 4K content on the YouTube app, and Stan has plenty of 4K although no HDR-compatible content yet.

Does the PS4 Pro support 4K Blu-rays?

No. The Xbox One S does support them though, so this was a bit of a surprise from Sony. So if you’re specifically after a 4K Blu-ray player then head over to the competition, but as many viewers are crossing over to streaming services for their digital viewing, this may prove a wise move from Sony in the long run.

Do I need a 4K TV to run a PS4 Pro?

You don’t NEED a 4K TV, no. The PS4 Pro will still run as per normal on a regular 1080p TV, although you won’t get the benefits of upscaling or HDR though. There’s a chance you may see a frame-rate boost or a slim amount of extra detail, but we wouldn’t expect a massive leap.

If your mind is on a 4K TV, then you should probably go with a Pro rather than a Slim as it’ll future proof you for a while and, realistically, the price jump is worth the longevity. Be sure to look out for a TV that supports HDR too, in order to take full advantage of the PS4 Pro’s capabilities.

Will PlayStation VR be better on the PS4 Pro?

Maybe. Early reports seem to suggest it will as the PlayStation VR frame-rate is better on PS4 Pro and the resolution gets a bit of a bump too. You don’t need a PS4 Pro to use PlayStation VR but this increase in specs may contribute a little to the immersion.

Does the PS4 Pro have optical audio support?

Yes! Although the optical audio output has been removed from the PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro owners  will still be able to use optical connections for their soundbars and sound systems.

What are the best games on PS4 Pro?

After scrounging through our back catalogue of PS4 games that have received a Pro update patch, we’ve come up with a feature packed with the games that look the best and have a noticeable difference. Take a look at our extensive list – The best PS4 Pro games.

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