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The best cinema and TV shows to tide this prolonged weekend

There’s a lot of calm accessible opposite Australia’s streaming services, with new TV shows and cinema being combined to Netflix and Stan regularly. Because of this, settling on something to watch any weekend can be rather daunting.

And, with a new attainment of Amazon Prime Video to Australia, we can supplement a even some-more weekend streaming options to a list! 

To make your weekend streaming event as well-spoken and relaxing as possible, we’ve taken a autocracy of highlighting a best new calm combined to Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime Video this week.

So squeeze some popcorn, entice some friends over and get prepared for an overwhelming weekend of uninterrupted streaming. Because really, going outward is for suckers.

Here are a best cinema and TV shows to tide this weekend.

Streaming on Netflix

TV Shows

The Get Down: (Season 1, Part 2): It’s been an agonising wait for a second half of The Get Down’s initial season, yet a wait is finally over. As of tonight, fans of a uncover will find out what’s subsequent for a The Get Down Brothers crew, Mylene, and a rest of a gang. At a finish of a initial half, things were looking adult for everybody involved: Mylene’s song career was about to take off, Zeke was successfully sophistry his work life with his travel life, and Shaolin Fantastic was behind in a good graces of his mentor, Grandmaster Flash. You could contend things are a small too good – we have a feeling things aren’t going to stay that approach for long…

Watch The Get Down on Netflix


Aladdin: One of a biggest charcterised films that Disney has ever made, Aladdin tells a story of a loveable travel rodent who finds a enchanting flare with a Genie  (voiced by a never-better Robin Williams) inside that grants him 3 wishes. First wish on his list? Become a king so that a pleasing princess Jasmine competence tumble in adore with him. It won’t be that easy, though, and Jasmine has her possess problems to understanding with, namely that her Sultan father has been placed underneath a spell of his immorality advisor, Jafar. A pretentious film that facilities a array of classical Disney songs, Aladdin is a enchanting experience. 

Watch Aladdin on Netflix

Streaming on Stan

TV Shows

Better Call Saul (Season 3 premiere): In a third deteriorate of Better Call Saul, ‘Slippin’ Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) continues his dignified skirmish as he heads towards his contingent Breaking Bad outcome, and we’re amatory each notation of it! This deteriorate outlines a lapse of a Breaking Bad favourite in scandalous drug kingpin and boiled duck salesman Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito). Things are firm to get out of control. 

Watch Better Call Saul on Stan


Hardcore Henry: Like an even crazier first-person chronicle of a Crank films, Hardcore Henry is like an intensely aroused video diversion come to life. Some people competence knowledge revulsion from this kind of cinematography, yet those who can stomach it are in for a wild, action-packed ride. Best of all, a immeasurable infancy of this Russian-shot movie’s death-defying stunts are all too real. Stars Sharlto Copley (District 9) as a array of laughable ‘NPCs’.

Watch Hardcore Henry on Stan

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

TV Shows

Z: The Beginning of Everything (Season 1): An Amazon Original array starring Christina Ricci, Z: The Beginning of Everything tells a story of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, a famous and decorated print child for a resounding ’20s jazz age. The uncover deals with her luminary matrimony to F. Scott Fitzgerald (David Hoflin) and a contingent alcoholism and mental illness that would eventually be her undoing.

Watch Z: The Beginning of Everything on Amazon Prime Video

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