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The best Mother’s Day 2018 present ideas: Gifts for a tech-savvy Aussie mum

Mums are special – be it your silent or poignant other assisting we lift your l’il ‘un – and they merit zero though a best. And while breakfast in bed, flowers and chocolate, are all good ways to flog off Mother’s Day, go with something opposite and make silent truly laugh from ear to ear. 

That’s where record comes in. Treat silent to a new tool that will send her arching into a digital age or will give her a corner she needs to morph into a supermum.

Our 2018 Mother’s Day present beam is for a tech-savvy woman, be she a gourmand, a reader, a traveller or a artistic person. We’ve got present ideas in each bill operation – from a gizmos that won’t bake a hole in your slot to tech that will make silent know she’s special.

Our present beam is divided into sections so we can find a ideal present for silent easily. We’ve got:

Google Home Mini

While a Google Home is a good intelligent speaker, it would mount out like a bruise ride in some homes, though a doughnut-sized Google Home Mini is a small some-more on a pointed side. That approach silent can draft her commute, follow a continue and news, and control her intelligent home with a smaller-footprint device that doesn’t concede on style.

Amazon Echo Dot

Google Assistant isn’t a usually supporter accessible to mum. Amazon’s Alexa also deserves care and a pint-sized Echo Dot is an well-developed intelligent orator for a size, and is labelled reduce than a Google Home Mini. Mum can make calls, play song and do copiousness some-more with usually a energy of a voice command. And, to applaud a Aussie mums, Amazon now has a Echo Dot on sale.

Apple HomePod

And let’s not forget Siri. If mum’s a large fan of Apple’s products, she not usually gets a intelligent speaker, she gets an glorious audio product as well. The Apple HomePod boasts extraordinary sound peculiarity and is ideal for someone who uses an iPhone or an iPad. It’s a lot some-more costly than a other intelligent speakers accessible in a marketplace currently but, hey, silent is special.

Dyson SuperSonic hair dryer

While we acknowledge it’s a pricey option, a Dyson SuperSonic hair dryer can tame even a frizziest hair, entrance from with a well-worn repute of well-honed pattern that Dyson has practical to a opening cleaners and fans. So if silent is still struggling with an aged cheapy, maybe it’s time to provide her? You can even find it on Amazon Australia’s inventory.

KitchenAid Artisan KSM150 mount mixer

The KitchenAid Artisan KSM150 mixer has been built to final while beating, kneading and whisking flattering many everything. In fact, a connection heart will renovate a mixer into a pasta maker, unfeeling slicer, sausage builder and so many more. And while it costs a whopping $849 during many retailers, we competence be means to find a reduce cost on Amazon Australia.

SMEG 50s Retro kettle

A classical never goes out of style. This kettle from SMEG marries retro good looks to complicated technology, creation a ’50s Retro kettle suitable for any kitchen. With a 360-degree pivot base, it’s a zephyr to  dock and a removable and washable filter will assistance forestall limescale build-up.

Breville BKE825 Smart Kettle

Mum really strict about her morning and afternoon cuppa? Then she would adore this intelligent kettle that facilities 5 opposite heat settings for a ideal brew, including a ‘keep warm’ option, soft-open lid and removable limescale filter.

Sunbeam CP4600 popcorn maker

Perfect for when silent wants to watch her favourite shows or movies, Sunbeam’s popcorn builder can make adult to 12 cups of popcorn in one go, and doesn’t even need any oil. Now, that’s healthy! But deliberation we’re all usually human, it’s good to know that a butter melting tray is included.

Ecovacs Robotics Deebot Ozmo 610 drudge opening cleaner

Everyone deserves a mangle from chores, even mum. With a Deebot Ozmo 610, vacuuming a residence is as elementary as drumming a symbol on a droid or scheduling it on a messenger app and that’s it. Leave it to get a residence spotless adult while we provide silent to a day out.

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