Thursday , 21 June 2018
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The best enterprise tips and tricks for Windows 10

Tired of Windows 10 bossing you around? Want to master it instead of it letting it be the master of you? If so, you’re in luck, because I’ve got plenty of tips to help you get the most out of it. Whether you want to speed up the way Windows 10 works, fix its biggest headaches, protect your privacy, teach Cortana new tricks, or more, this article has what you need. Within minutes, you’ll be gleefully asking the operating system, “Who’s your daddy?”

Speed up Windows 10

No matter how fast your PC runs Windows 10, you want to run it faster. But there’s no need to upgrade to a new PC. Follow these tips to speed up Windows 10.

Change your power settings

If you’re using Windows 10’s power-saver plan, you’re slowing down your PC. That plan reduces your PC’s performance in order to save energy. (Even desktop PCs typically have a power-saver plan.) Changing your power plan from power saver to high-performance or balanced will give you an instant performance boost.

To do it, launch Control Panel, then select Hardware and Sound Power Options. You’ll typically see two options: balanced (recommended) and power saver. (Depending on your make and model, you might see other plans here as well, including some branded by the manufacturer.) To see the high-performance setting, click the down arrow next to Show Additional Plans.

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