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The best inexpensive Now TV deals in Jul 2017: a cheapest boxes and passes

Update:  Yes, we can now start examination Game of Thrones deteriorate 7 on Now TV around a party pass. Get stranded in! 

There’s an glorious Now TV offer for new business on a Sky Cinema and party packages too. Basically, a some-more months we compensate for upfront, a bigger a discount. Sign adult for 6 months of both and you’ll save 50% on a unchanging fee! Feel giveaway to try a 14-day giveaway hearing too (that’s totally adequate time to get held adult on all a aged Game of Thrones boxsets).

Actually, pointer adult to any pass during Now TV’s website (including a super inexpensive £2.99 a month Kids pass) and you’re authorised to save 50% on dual tickets on a far-reaching operation of Theme Parks including Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, LegoLand, Madame Tussauds and more. That’s a large bonus on some costly entrance fees, so many so it’s value shopping a Now TV kids pass only for a assets we get on a tickets.

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Now TV is one of a many underline packaged streaming use out there, and if you’re looking for a inexpensive understanding on a box or a hardware afterwards we’ve got some glorious Now TV deals for you. 

One this page we’re inventory both a cheapest deals on both a Now TV box and a some-more new Now TV Smart Box, that includes a freeview tuner so we can watch live TV as good as gripping adult with on-demand and streaming services (but not Netlix or Amazon). 

We’ve also searched high and low for a best Now TV pass deals for existent box owners. You don’t need a box yet as there are apps on loads of inclination like tablets or your PS4. Often a best deals can be had by shopping a box that has several months of a use enclosed as a Now TV document pass – even if we already have a box.

So possibly you’re looking to supply your TV with a Now TV box, or you’re only looking for a inexpensive approach to get another few months of a service, review on for a best Now TV offers.

We’ll answer that blazing doubt we can see you’re desperately perplexing to ask though. Yes, we can start examination Game of Thrones deteriorate 7 as of now around Now TV and a party pass. Get stranded in!

Now TV box deals

The Now TV box is a inexpensive and easy approach of removing your TV versed with a accumulation of streaming services. At a core a box is a mutated Roku streamer, yet it’s been focussed some-more around Sky’s streaming service. Unfortunately this means we won’t be means to tide from competing services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, yet a box is inexpensive adequate that this shouldn’t be too many of an issue. Check out a best prices for a Now TV box below.

Now TV Smart Box deals

If we wish to mix your Now TV box with a freeview tuner, afterwards a Now TV Smart Box is for you. We were tender when we attempted out a box for ourselves. It’s a good all-rounder, and consolidates your existent boxes into one neat package. Check out a best prices for a Smart Box below.

Now TV pass deals

If you’ve already got a Now TV box, or another device that can tide a use (such as a Roku actor or a Chromecast) afterwards all we need is a Now TV pass to get subscribed to a several streaming packages offering on a service.

There are now 4 passes accessible for Now TV; Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Kids and Sky Sports. These are accessible for subscription durations as brief as 1 day (for Sky Sports), or as prolonged as a month.

Ironically, a cheapest approach of removing your hands on inexpensive passes is mostly to get them bundled in with a Now TV box, yet we can also find passes available.

We’ve gathered a preference of a best deals around for any pass below.

Now TV party pass

The Now TV party pass gets we entrance to Sky Atlantic shows like Game of Thrones and Billions. The three-month pass is a renouned choice and is generally accessible for around £15.

Now TV cinema pass (aka Sky Cinema pass)

If you’re some-more meddlesome in film than television, afterwards a Now TV Sky Cinema pass is a subscription for you. With this you’ll get entrance to a outrageous apportion of film releases, and a startling series of them are comparatively recent. The best value approach to get this pass is to compensate £24.99 for 4 months of a service. This Amazon understanding saves we a few quid over shopping 4 months approach from Now TV.

See this deal: Now TV Sky Cinema pass £24.99 @ Amazon

That being said, we do infrequently see some severely inexpensive Now TV offers for two-month party passes in a comparison draft feed below. So be certain to have a discerning demeanour there too.

Now TV Sky Sports pass

Sky has recently rebranded a garland of a Sky Sports channels. Gone are a numbers, instead we have names that give a improved outline of what they’ll be display many of a time.

There are now 10 channels, that’s some-more than before, yet we don’t have to compensate anything extra. The rested lineup includes Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Football (for Football League, La Liga and more), Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports News and Sky Sports Mix. Other sports are lonesome in a dual accumulation channels, Sky Sports Action and Sky Sports Arena. Sky Sports Main Event will be a place for a biggest live events of a day. Naturally there are some glossy new logos.

At £33.99 a month, a Sky Sports pass is a many pricey of all a Now TV subscriptions. There are cheaper options though. You can get a day pass for £6.99 and a one week pass for £10.99 approach from a Now TV site. These proxy passes won’t auto-renew either, so don’t worry about rolling into a uninformed squeeze when they expire. You can also get some one week pass deals in a comparison draft below.

Now TV kids pass

At only £2.99 a month, a Kids pass is a cheapest of a Now TV subscriptions, and as such it takes some beating. As things stand, a cheapest approach to get a subscription is to buy it from Now TV directly during a couple below.

See this deal: at Now TV

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