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The 5 best new facilities nearing on Outlook

This week, Microsoft summarized a washing list of new facilities it’s delivering, or will deliver, to a several Outlook apps, including bill-pay reminders, improved calendaring opposite time zones, and a approach to see who has RSVP’d for a meeting.

Not all of Microsoft’s new facilities are here—or if they are, they haven’t promulgated opposite Microsoft’s several Outlook apps: Office 365, Outlook for a Web, and a Outlook mobile apps.

Of a countless facilities Microsoft summarized in a blog post, here are a 5 we consider could be potentially a many important:

1. Bill-pay reminders

Microsoft already sniffs out your email for “commitments”—such as “I’ll get behind to we before 4 PM Thursday”—and will send we a sign to follow up. The same record is during work here. If Outlook sees a bill-payment reminder, it will automatically supplement an eventuality to your calendar to compensate a check on a day that it’s due, and send an email to we dual days before that as a reminder.

outlook check pay Microsoft

Make certain we use Outlook for a Web to get programmed reminders of bills to pay.

As with Outlook’s ability to lane and emanate events from moody info, hotel reservations, automobile rentals, and more, check compensate is customarily accessible on Outlook.com during a moment.

2. Who has RSVP’d?

Nobody wants to attend a assembly that a cold kids have upheld up. In all seriousness, however, there’s no indicate in attending a assembly if a chairman we need to hear from won’t be there. With Outlook for Windows and Outlook.com, we can now click a “Tracking” choice underneath “Meeting Occurrence” and lane who has committed to a assembly and who hasn’t. And we can also keep people from “crashing” a meeting, by preventing a invitation from being forwarded.

outlook rsvp Microsoft

Optional tracking facilities can warning we who will be display up.

3. Managing time zones

Anyone who has trafficked internationally knows that creation certain your meetings are set for internal time can be diligent with peril. Outlook now allows we to uncover mixed time zones within Outlook—three within Windows, and one within Outlook for Mac. (This underline is also upheld within Outlook for a Web, too.) In Windows, we can supplement time zones via File  Options  Calendar Time Zones. Microsoft says that we can even set a depart of a moody in one time section and a attainment in a other—we’ll have to see how it handles drifting opposite a date line.

outlook time zones Microsoft

Are a days of being woken adult in a center of a night since of a mis-scheduled assembly over?

4. BCC warnings

Occasionally, we competence be “bcc’d” on an email. “Blind copying” means that you’re a fly on a wall, examination a email sell from afar. But if we wish to carillon in, we competence not wish everybody to know you’re there. Outlook for Windows will remind we that we competence wish to respond to a sender only.

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