Wednesday , 19 September 2018
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The 30 best indie games on PC and consoles

We of all people understand when triple-A games start to seem like a drag. Assassin’s Creed Origins? Call of Duty: WW2? Yawn. You’re the kind of person who gets excited for the best debut indie game award at The Game Awards. Or, perhaps you didn’t watch The Game Awards at all because it’s too corporate. Either way, we get it.

The truth is, we love indie games just as much as you do. And we were really holding out for Night in the Woods this year, but hey, they can’t all be winners. On our list of the best indie games, though, they sort of can be. Well, at least 30 of them can be. And because we’ve played them all for ourselves prior to unloading them onto this list, you can trust our recommendations.

There’s not a lot of marketing and build-up to get you excited about these games, nor are your friends probably talking about them (unless your friends are way cooler than ours). That said, each of the best indie games we’ve found are well worth your time. As for hype, you can count on us to get excited and sell you on this collection of gems if no one else will.

Joe Osborne, Kane Fulton and Gabe Carey have also contributed to this article

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