Tuesday , 22 May 2018
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Thanks, Microsoft, though I’m still observant no to Windows 10

I’ve been conference a lot from friends recently about how Windows 10 is a best Windows ever and people would be foolish not to switch. These being friends, we don’t wish to be rude, though — cough, ahem — we don’t buy it.

Is confidence your No. 1 concern? Well, Windows 10 is no some-more secure than Windows 7 — that is to contend it is a profoundly uncertain handling system. There have been a lot of critical Windows confidence rags in a final year, and Windows 10 had all a same problems as Windows 7.

True, Windows didn’t have anything as bad as macOS’s unbelievably foolish “Let anyone record in as a administrator” confidence hole, though usually since Microsoft didn’t commotion things as badly as Apple did doesn’t get it off a hook. we mean, what do we call it when Microsoft fixes confidence holes in Windows 10 that it doesn’t patch in Windows 7? we call it really, unequivocally stupid.

Yeah, we know, not patching Win7 is unchanging with Microsoft’s enterprise to force everybody into Windows 10 ASAP, though come on! The final we checked, Windows 7 was ostensible to keep removing confidence rags until Jan. 14, 2020.

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