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Tesla boosts energy outlay of a home battery, keeps prices a same

Tesla currently announced that a line of home Powerwall batteries will be upgraded to some-more than double their initial output, while a cost stays a same.

The preference to ascent a energy outlay of a batteries followed some “negative” feedback after a Powerwall products were initial announced, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

“We indeed took some of a disastrous feedback to heart, and I’m happy to announce we’ve dramatically increasing a energy capability of a Powerwall,” Musk told investors during the company’s annual shareholders meeting in Mountain View, Calif. today.

The Powerwall batteries will go from carrying a two-kilowatt (kW) solid energy outlay and 3.3kW rise outlay to a 5kW solid outlay and 7kW rise output, Musk said.

The cost of a batteries will sojourn a same: $3,000 for a 7kW/hour (KWh) daily cycle chronicle and $3,500 for a 10kWh backup UPS version.

“The daily cycler is arrange of some-more about economics or removing off a grid completely, since a backup UPS is only there to safeguard your residence has energy if there’s ever a energy outage,” Musk said.

Homeowners who’ve sealed adult for solar row installations or homes that already have them will accept “priority” diagnosis for smoothness of a new Powerwall batteries, Musk said.

“It doesn’t have to be SolarCity,” Musk quipped, referring to a largest U.S. installer of residential solar systems, of that Musk is a chairman. “SolarCity is, of course, preferred, if we like a best.”

Musk explained a “preferential” diagnosis has to do with a fact that solar systems already have approach stream to swapping stream inverters, that capacitate a Powerwalls to be some-more simply installed.

“We’re also going to be prioritizing smoothness of a Powerwall to partners that minimize a cost to a finish user,” he said. “So that a net outcome is we’re awaiting people to be means to squeeze and implement a Powerwall for about $4,000.”

The Powerwall batteries, announced in May, are about 51-in. x 34-in. x 7.5-in. in size. The batteries come with a 10-year warranty.

Up to 9 Powerwall battery units can be daisy-chained together on a wall to yield adult to 90kWh of power. The normal U.S. domicile uses about 20 kWh to 25 kWh of energy each day, according to GTM Research.

Tesla announced final year that it partnered with Panasonic to make a lithium-ion batteries in what it calls “Gigafactories,” a initial one of that is underneath construction in Reno, Nevada.

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