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Telstra offers AFL app refunds: ACCC


A screenshot of a live AFL compare being noticed on a 9.7-inch iPad

(Image: ACCC)

Telstra has told a Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) that it will be refunding some subscribers of a AFL Live Pass app, after changing a process on a distance of a observation screens accessible on tablets amid concerns of not disclosing this change to customers.

During a 2016 season, Telstra had authorised business to live tide AFL matches in full-screen distance on their tablets; however, in 2017, it began restricting a observation distance to 7 inches.

According to a ACCC, however, a AFL Live Pass app was still being advertised on a AFL website with images of matches appearing full-screen on tablets.

“Prompted by a ACCC concerns”, a watchdog said, Telstra in Aug began charity refunds to business who were annual subscribers to a AFL app on Jan 31, 2017, and who had downloaded a app on a tablet.

“The ACCC was endangered that footy fans might have subscribed or renewed subscriptions to a AFL Live Pass meditative that they could continue examination live AFL matches in full-screen on a tablet, when this was not a case,” ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said.

“Some footy fans were sealed into a Telstra subscription before a shade distance limitation took effect. When businesses make changes to a subscription terms of products or services, business should be clearly told of a change so people are means to make an sensitive preference about either to continue their subscription.”

Telstra has been putting larger importance on a accessibility of sports and media streaming services to win and keep customers, final month announcing a inclusion of Foxtel packages in a post-paid mobile plans.

Telstra is charity business 12 months of giveaway entrance to calm packs from a Foxtel Now streaming service: Paying AU$129 per month will give business 30GB of information and dual Foxtel Now starter packs; AU$149 will yield 3 starter packs and 50GB of data; and AU$199 will yield 100GB of information and 3 starter packs.

The post-paid skeleton also embody data-free streaming of Telstra’s AFL and NRL apps.

Telstra Media Group ED Michele Garra called a deals “the many inexhaustible information allowances ever”, with Telstra observant it is partial of apropos a “home of mobile party in Australia”.

“We’ve already determined clever calm partnerships with a AFL, NRL, Netball, and Apple Music to yield a business with entrance to a best peculiarity content,” Garra said, referring to a telco purchasing a five-year broadcast rights for a Australian netball joining behind in May 2016.

According to Telstra, video expenditure now accounts for 38 percent of a mobile network use — adult by 40 percent year on year — and is foresee to arise to 75 percent of a mobile trade within a subsequent 5 years.

The Telstra TV mobile app will also concede for continual streaming between home and mobile, with Telstra final month announcing a second iteration of a streaming device.

“We’re about to dial it adult again,” Telstra CEO Andy Penn said, detailing that a Telstra TV 2 will embody all streaming and catch-up TV services along with a related mobile app, creation it “a genuine Australian first”.

“Access to a best calm is critically critical to us as direct for media continues to grow. At a same time, a media marketplace is changing with new participants and increasing competition,” Telstra added.

Telstra in Aug announced a media income growing by 8.2 percent to AU$935 million during a FY17 financial year interjection to uptake of both a Telstra TV and Foxtel from Telstra. The latter done AU$777 million in revenue, flourishing by 8.1 percent due to 57,000 additional subscribers. There were 827,000 Telstra TV inclination in a marketplace as of Jun 30.

Optus is also focusing on media content, in Jul phenomenon an party partnership with National Geographic as partial of what CEO Allen Lew told ZDNet is a telco’s subsequent pierce to turn a “mobile-led multimedia use provider”.

Lew had formerly pronounced that Optus is a singular position to be a initial in Australia to take advantage of a convergence between telecommunications, media, and record after commencement a self-described transformation into a multimedia company with a merger of a disdainful Australian broadcast rights for a English Premier League in 2015.

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