Wednesday , 25 April 2018
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Telstra goes from 0 to hero, is now a best Aussie ISP for Netflixing

Despite being Australia’s biggest telco, Telstra didn’t arrange too good in Netflix’s ISP speed index rankings that were expelled final year. That’s indeed utterly an understatement — Telstra ranked passed final in Mar 2017, usually throwing adult with a rest of a container after that year in September.

Thankfully, a Aussie telco hulk has totally incited things around in 2018, with an ceiling arena that has seen it go from final place to personality of a pack, circumference out a foe to turn a new aristocrat of Netflix streaming Down Under.

Below you’ll find Netflix’s central ISP rankings as of Mar 2018, display Telstra in a lead, followed by Exetel in second place and Optus in third. 

As we can see from a graph above, a Netflix ISP speed index formula draft a normal download speeds achieved during primary time hours, as good as a forms of tie services offering by any provider.

Below you’ll find another graph that clearly shows a march Telstra has done over a march of a final year, while also display how a other ISPs have softened over a same period.

In other words, good news for Telstra and a customers, as they can now be calm in meaningful they have entrance to a best Netflix streams now presumably in Australia.

It’ll be engaging to see either Telstra will be means to reason on to this movement and sojourn in initial place for a rest of a year. Only time will tell…

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