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Solo sequel? A Boba Fett Star Wars movie is in the works

It’s been rumored for as long as Disney has had the rights to the Star Wars franchise, but we may be finally about to see a standalone Boba Fett film from the sci-fi galaxy far, far away. According to the Hollywood Reporter, James Mangold, director of the fantastic X-Men spin-off movie Logan, is set to helm. It’s also expected that ... Read More »

Vampires rejoice! Australian postal service may start delivering blood by drone

With the continual decline in the number of physical letters being posted, it’s perhaps no big surprise that postal services are always on the lookout for new ways to make a buck, and the CEO of Australia Post, Christine Holgate, has suggested one particularly new and innovative way for the flagging company to join the cutting edge… almost literally. Speaking ... Read More »

Your next drone might need a license plate

Drone fliers in the US are already encouraged to register their craft with the FAA, after which they’re assigned an ID-number for their UAV that can be tucked discreetly into the chassis. But, going forward, that may not be enough. According to a report by Bloomberg, a new plan would see small unmanned aircraft owners become required to “display the ... Read More »

Best laptop for programming 2018

Are you an IT professional that’s looking for the best laptop for programming? If so, you’re on the right page, as we’ve gathered together the best laptops for programming and coding on. So, let’s get our programming on. When you’re looking for a laptop, you need to consider a specific set of criteria for the device, as well as features ... Read More »

Google under investigation in Australia for large scale Android data harvesting

Google is under investigation in Australia after it was claimed that the internet giant has been collecting user data from millions of Android smartphones without consent. The allegations were made by software company Oracle, who produced evidence that Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has been illegally receiving detailed information on search histories and user locations of Australian Android owners.  According to ... Read More »

Xiaomi Mi Selfie Stick Tripod, Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver now available in India

Xiaomi had launched the Mi crowdfunding service in India in April and at that time, the company had listed two products for crowdfunding – the Mi Selfie Stick Tripod and the Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver. Both the products have successfully passed the crowdfunding stage and are now available for purchase in the country. When Xiaomi launched the Mi Crowdfunding service, ... Read More »

Now Google’s AI can navigate labyrinths faster than humans

Google taught its DeepMind AI to remember things like a human would.  This is unique. Most AIs can specialize in one area, like defeating the world’s best Go players; but DeepMind was programmed to apply previous knowledge and skills to learning new tasks, drawing from a neural network of programmed skills and “memories”.  Now, DeepMind is teaching itself how to ... Read More »

The best Mother’s Day 2018 gift ideas: Gifts for the tech-savvy Aussie mum

Mums are special – be it your mum or significant other helping you raise your l’il ‘un – and they deserve nothing but the best. And while breakfast in bed, flowers and chocolate, are all nice ways to kick off Mother’s Day, go with something different and make mum truly grin from ear to ear.  That’s where technology comes in. ... Read More »

Best vacuum cleaners: 9 best vacuums from cordless Dyson to robot Roomba

Like a clean house but hate to, you know, clean? Then you need to check out one of the best vacuum cleaners of 2018 to ease the chore. With new advancements in vacuum cleaning tech, it’s gotten easier to snipe up unwanted dust and debris in a snap, but also harder to make a selection. There are so many vacuum ... Read More »

Uber launches UberTaxi Pilot: The black and yellow taxis are coming back!

Uber has been continuing its expansion in India and the next thing on its list has been the launch of the UberTaxi pilot project, bringing the good old yellow and black taxis back onto the roads.  Although the program will initially only launch in Mumbai (South Mumbai, specifically), the company hopes to scale the service further if they’re successful.  The ... Read More »

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