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Amazon’s Echo privacy flub has big implications for IT

Amazon has confirmed a report that one of its Echo devices recorded a family’s conversation and then messaged it to a random person on the family’s contact list, who is an employee of a family member. But Amazon, in a statement emailed to Computerworld, confirmed every privacy advocate’s worst nightmare with its explanation: “Echo woke up due to a word ... Read More »

How to create location-based reminders on iPhone

Apple’s iPhones can make sure you’ll remember to get things done when you are in the right place at the right time. Why would you use location-based alerts? With a little preparatory work, you can use this feature to help you get lots of different things done, for example: Remind me to pick up milk when I leave the office ... Read More »

14 easy ways to cut back on data use in Android

These days, mobile data is money — and if you don’t optimize your phone to handle it intelligently, you’re throwing dollars down the drain. After all, whether you have a plan with a monthly data cap or a setup where you’re billed for the data you use, you’re essentially paying for all the virtual info you transmit over your carrier’s ... Read More »

Will Apple play nice with others to make Siri smarter?

We’re going to hear lots about embedded vision product development during the Embedded Vision Summit, but the first announcement may have implications for Apple’s machine learning systems. Apple and embedded vision We know Apple is interested in embedded vision and machine learning following its acquisition of PrimeSense and introduction of ARKit. We also know this because it has already placed ... Read More »

What is blockchain technology?

Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin has garnered most of the media coverage and hype to date, but keep your eye on blockchain – this new technology is poised to change IT in much the same way open-source software did a quarter century ago. While it could take years if not decades to fully mature, blockchain will offer a new open-paradigm for ... Read More »

Easy mobile security the Faraday way

Have you heard about those special bags, cases and wallets that protect your electronics from hack attacks? It’s a signal-blocking container, basically a tinfoil hat for your gadget. Tinfoil hats are associated with conspiracy theorists concerned about secret government mind-control programs. But when it comes to your wireless gadgets, they really are out to get you. [ To comment on ... Read More »

How Apple’s iPad, Swift and VoiceOver teach the blind to code

It’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day, which felt like a good day to explain how the accessibility features inside Swift Playgrounds and Apple solutions are enabling visually impaired people to code. Think about that It has been just 63 days since we lost the genius of Professor Stephen Hawking. His life and his achievements show us the huge potential locked inside ... Read More »

Location-based services move beyond mobile and into enterprise apps

GPS has been with us for many years, and this is what most consumers think about when they hear the term location-based services (LBS). While the satellite-based routing capability needed to help us get directions will remain an important capability for the foreseeable future, location-based services is morphing into something that is well beyond what the original creators envisioned. Indeed, ... Read More »

CIO Leadership Live with Jack Clare, CIO and chief strategy officer at Dunkin’ Brands | Ep 9

CIO | May 9, 2018 In this episode of CIO Leadership Live, host Maryfran Johnson talks with Jack Clare, CIO and chief strategy officer at Dunkin’ Brands, about the company’s mobile payment, ordering and loyalty apps, and how it’s striving to improve customers’ drive-through experience. Read More »

9 new Android P features that’ll make you more productive

That wacky new gesture navigation system may be Android P’s most attention-grabbing element — for better or maybe for worse — but the latest version of Google’s operating system also has its share of small yet significant changes. And you know what? Those seemingly subtle touches are often the ones that end up bringing the most meaningful improvements to our ... Read More »

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