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Groupon acquires UK’s Cloud Savings Company, primogenitor of Vouchercloud, for $65M

Daily deals and internal commerce site Groupon has announced an merger to ramp adult a operations in bonus offers and privately those tied to faithfulness programs. The association has acquired Bristol, UK-based Cloud Savings Company, a owners of Vouchercloud and Giftcloud, in a understanding that Groupon pronounced has an craving value of $65 million. The understanding will give Groupon a ... Read More »

Latin America’s Groupon Mafia

Nathan Lustig is an businessman and handling partner during Magma Partners, a seed-stage investment account in Santiago, Chile. The founders of PayPal and a employees have constructed many rarely successful companies over a years. In fact, PayPal’s initial group mostly is referred to as a “PayPal Mafia” since they’ve had such an impact on a startup ecosystem. Peter Thiel, Elon ... Read More »

Groupon adds ad exec Steve Krenzer as new COO, sole resources to Grubhub for $20M

Groupon, a internal deals platform, reported Q3 benefit now that supposing some-more sum on how it is restructuring a business; and it also took a impulse to announce that it has finally allocated a new COO, a purpose that has been empty for a final dual years. Steve Krenzer, who had been a CEO of direct-ad dilettante Core Digital Media, ... Read More »

Groupon’s billionaire cofounder Eric Lefkofsky only lifted $70 million for his new company

Chicago billionaire Eric Lefkofsky has started 5 companies, zero of that would seem to lead him to found a association that’s perplexing to heal cancer. Yet investors only gave his newest, two-year-old concern, Tempus, $70 million in Series C appropriation to do only that. No doubt they’re captivated to a company’s mission, that is to assemble vast quantities of genomic ... Read More »

Groupon’s billionaire cofounder Eric Lefkofsky just raised $70 million for his new company

Chicago billionaire Eric Lefkofsky has started five companies, none of which would seem to lead him to found a company that’s trying to cure cancer. Yet investors just gave his newest, two-year-old concern, Tempus, $70 million in Series C funding to do just that. No doubt they’re attracted to the company’s mission, which is to amass large quantities of genomic ... Read More »

Groupon debuts Groupon+, voucherless dish deals with Visa and Mastercard

Restaurant deals are some of a many renouned offers on Groupon, a height that lets we buy ignored practice and products from retailers nearby you. Today, a association is rising a new use to assistance foster that straight more. Groupon+, as it is called, will let people use Groupon dish deals that they compensate for with their Visa or MasterCard ... Read More »

Groupon shares dump on Q1 income miss, shutters businesses in 11 some-more markets

Groupon — a once-dominant daily deals business that has some-more recently attempted to change to other kinds of internal commerce — currently reported first-quarter earnings that forked to a association still in transition — or struggling to spin itself around some-more successfully, depending on how we demeanour during it. Dragged down by a 5.5 percent decrease in a core marketplace ... Read More »

Crunch Report | Facebook Hires 3,000 People After Getting Disturbed

Hi! You are about to activate a Facebook Messenger news bot. Once subscribed, a bot will send we a digest of trending stories once a day. You can also customize a forms of stories it sends you. Click on a symbol next to allow and wait for a new Facebook summary from a TC Messenger news bot. Thanks, TC Team Read More »

Why Silicon Valley’s ‘unicorn problem’ will solve itself

Mike Trigg is a COO of Hightail. The arise was like a tech startup fairytale. Within 3 years of founding, this unicorn association had lifted some-more than $1 billion in try capital — shutting an startling $950 million in a final private turn during a scarcely $5 billion valuation. Revenue expansion was skyrocketing from $30 million in year dual to $713 ... Read More »

SumUp and Payleven combine as European ‘Square clones’ consolidate

Some converging stirring in a universe of mobile payments: currently Groupon- and BBVA-backed SumUp and Rocket Internet’s Payleven — dual of a several European startups that cropped up in a wake of Square with their possess smartphone accessories to make withdraw and credit card transactions — have announced that they are merging, formulating a business with 1 million business in 15 countries. The dual ... Read More »

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