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IDG Contributor Network: Feds struggle with regulating banking’s use of big data

When it comes to fintech, banking and payments, big data comes with some powerful pros and cons. The big advantage is that big data can make banking services useful and viable to a huge slice of the population that can’t access it today. The greatest drawback is that, in doing so, it will make ultrasensitive personal financial information far more ... Read More »

SAP adds new features to Vora and readies a cloud version

SAP has added some new capabilities to SAP Vora, its in-memory distributed computing system based on Apache Spark and Hadoop. Version 1.3 of Vora includes a number of new distributed, in-memory data-processing engines, which accelerate complex processing, including ones for time-series data, graph data and schema-less JSON data. Common uses for the graph engine might be analyzing social graphs or ... Read More »

Google’s new cloud service eases data preparation for machine learning

One of the challenges that data scientists face when running machine learning workloads is processing information before it’s ready for use. Google unveiled a new cloud service Thursday aimed at easing that pain. Google Cloud Dataprep will automatically detect data schemas, joins, and anomalies such as missing or duplicate values, without requiring coding. After that, it will help users build ... Read More »

IT job spotlight: Data scientist

It’s a great time to be a data scientist. These professionals are responsible for helping gather and manage an organization’s data in a way that’s meaningful to business decision makers. The right candidates have experience working with major database platforms, are experienced coders and must have strong analytical, quantitive and problem-solving abilities. [ Find IT salary listings and the latest ... Read More »

HPE refocuses tech services group on cloud, big data

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has revamped its technology services unit to focus on helping customers adopt emerging technologies, including cloud computing, the internet of things, and big data. HPE’s new Pointnext technology services division, announced Thursday, is designed to help businesses speed up their adoption of several technologies, also including hybrid IT services and analytics, the company said. HPE announced the rebranded ... Read More »

Trump expected to cut federal IT spending

President Donald Trump said this week that the federal budget is a “mess” and is promising to make it leaner. This means that federal IT spending — now at $81.6 billion — is likely to see cuts, analysts said. The Trump administration is still filling top technology policy positions, including replacing former federal CIO Tony Scott, who left last month. ... Read More »

Half of U.S. adults are profiled in police facial recognition databases

Photographs of nearly half of all U.S. adults — 117 million people — are collected in police facial recognition databases across the country with little regulation over how the networks are searched and used, according to a new study. Along with a lack of regulation, critics question the accuracy of facial recognition algorithms. Meanwhile, state, city, and federal facial recognition ... Read More »

Many executives still mistrust insights from data and analytics

Data and analytics are increasingly becoming central to business decision-making, especially in areas such as driving customer growth, improving productivity and managing risk. But even as organizations push to make their decision-making more data-driven, business leaders accustomed to making decisions based on gut-instincts and experience are having trouble trusting insights from data and analytics (DA). Forrester Consulting, commissioned by the ... Read More »

HPE acquires security startup Niara to boost its ClearPass portfolio

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has acquired Niara, a startup that uses machine learning and big data analytics on enterprise packet streams and log streams to detect and protect customers from advanced cyberattacks that have penetrated perimeter defenses. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Operating in the User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) market, Niara’s technology starts by automatically ... Read More »

Review: The best frameworks for machine learning and deep learning

Over the past year I’ve reviewed half a dozen open source machine learning and/or deep learning frameworks: Caffe, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (aka CNTK 2), MXNet, Scikit-learn, Spark MLlib, and TensorFlow. If I had cast my net even wider, I might well have covered a few other popular frameworks, including Theano (a 10-year-old Python deep learning and machine learning framework), Keras ... Read More »

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