Saturday , 26 May 2018
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Surprise! Nintendo Switch now supports some wireless USB headsets

Much of a interest of a Nintendo Switch is that it’s a diversion console we can simply acquit from a wires and take with we wherever we might roam. 

That unwired truth creatively didn’t extend to a headphones, though, so we still had to jack them in with a connected tie as yet this were 1989 and we were personification Tetris on a Game Boy.

But, rejoice! The connected holds have been broken! (Sort of.) As some forward and experimentally disposed folks over during Reddit recently discovered, a Switch now supports wireless USB headphones in both a Switch’s docked and undocked modes as of yesterday’s 4.0.0 firmware update. And a strangest thing? We haven’t listened a sight about it from Nintendo itself.

There are only a integrate of catches: if we wish it to work in a undocked mode, you’ll need to have a USB-A to USB-C adapter plugged into a bottom of a device. It’s a tiny annoyance, though, and substantially value it if you’d cite not to get tangled adult in cords while personification The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild

It also doesn’t seem to work with all USB wireless headsets, nonetheless mixed users endorse a PlayStation Gold and Platinum headsets work fine. The Corsair Void and a Logitech G933, sadly, are apparently incompatible.

Perfection, of course, would have been a ability to use Bluetooth headphones as well, though unfortunately that’s not function today. But a stipend of USB wireless peripherals brings us one step closer to loyal unwired leisure than we were yesterday, and that’s means for celebration.

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