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Surface Laptop 2: what we wish to see

The strange Surface Laptop competence not have even had a initial birthday yet, though that doesn’t meant that we can’t get vehement for a subsequent one, does it?

With this article, we’d like to set a expectations for what a Surface Laptop 2 – or a Surface Laptop 2018 – however Microsoft names it – will demeanour like. No matter how many we adore a stream version, there’s always room to improve.

And now that Redstone 4, or a Spring Creators Update, is likely releasing on Apr 10, that includes a much-anticipated Timeline and Windows 10 S Mode facilities – we could start saying information about a Surface Laptop 2 really soon.

We can also, obviously, assume about a pivotal sum a bit, like a probable recover date, facilities and recover date – though many importantly, come adult with a wish list. Still, we should bookmark this page, as we’ll keep it updated with new, plain information as it comes in.

Cut to a chase

  • What is it? The would-be second Surface Laptop
  • When is it out? Jun 2018 during a earliest
  • What will it cost? Likely as many as – if not some-more than – a stream model

Surface Laptop 2 recover date

Unfortunately, we know subsequent to zero per when we’ll see a subsequent Surface Laptop from Microsoft. So, that leaves us with a recover of final year to bottom any conjecture upon.

The initial Surface Laptop was launched on Jun 15 2017 in a US. Given how hardware makers like Microsoft tend to annualize their releases, a best theory as to when we’ll see a Surface Laptop 2 in 2018 would be in June, generally if Microsoft continues to pull it as a back-to-school laptop.

Granted, Microsoft hasn’t been extremely unchanging with a recover timings of a Surface Pro or Surface Book products. So, maybe it’s usually safer to design a Surface Laptop 2 to recover in time for a back-to-school sales in a US. 

Surface Laptop 2 price

Again, there has been small to no information per a Surface Laptop 2 price. So, we usually have a stream model’s pricing to go off of.

With that, we know that Surface Laptop currently starts during $799 (around £560, AU$1,000), a new configuration featuring a lower-power Intel Core m3 processor. The strange starting model, meanwhile, starts during $999 (around £705, AU$1,250).

So, if we are to see a Surface Laptop 2 in 2018, it’s tough to design Microsoft to deviating distant – if during all – from this cost in possibly direction.

Surface Laptop 2 specs

Unsurprisingly, we know zero with any volume of petrify certainty about what kind of hardware will be inside a would-be Surface Laptop 2. But, again, we have a stream models as a baseline for a best guesses.

It’s protected to assume that, if Microsoft goes a Intel track once again, 8th-generation Kaby Lake processors would be a given. Whether that’s true Core-series processors or a newest models with AMD Vega graphics embedded is adult to Microsoft to decide.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t be astounded to see a existent simple RAM and storage configurations to sojourn a same, as memory and storage standards haven’t drastically altered given final year.

What we wish to see in a Surface Laptop 2

With such small famous about a would-be Surface Laptop 2 for 2018, that leaves us copiousness of room to rise a wish list of sorts for a product. So, here are a vital upgrades we wish to see from a Surface Laptop sequel:

More (or better) ports, please
Frankly, it’s about time for Microsoft to adopt USB-C 3.1 or Thunderbolt 3. The Surface Connect pier is excellent and allows for many of a same functionality as either, though it’s not utterly a same. We merit a bit some-more leisure to third-party high-speed accessories for a cost of entrance – usually kill a mini DisplayPort and slap a USB-C pier of some arrange there?

LTE connectivity
Now that a Surface Pro LTE is on a horizon, we would adore to see Microsoft’s other lightweight workhorse get nigh-universal connectivity. Whether that comes by an instrumentation of a Surface Pro’s implementation, Intel’s new dedicated 5G modem or, say, a Windows 10 S on ARM doing with Qualcomm, possibly would make a device that many some-more tempting.

Fast charging
It’s about time for this underline to turn an approaching customary on laptops. Fast charging techniques positively have turn an approaching underline of high-end smartphones, so because not laptops? Such a pierce would usually serve indurate a Surface Laptop’s portability chops.

More colors
One of a Surface Laptop’s many appealing facilities is a inclination for color, with platinum, burgundy, graphite bullion and cobalt blue options. Microsoft should positively blow this out of a water, as it really good could turn a company’s iMac G3 moment.

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