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Sun set: Oracle closes down final Sun product lines

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Officially, Oracle hasn’t pronounced a thing. Unofficially, if we count a cars in Oracle’s Santa Clara office, you’ll find hundreds of spots that were assigned final week now empty. As many as 2,500 Oracle, former Sun, employees have been laid off. Good bye, SPARC. Good bye, Solaris. Your day is done.

None of this is a genuine surprise. Oracle had cut former Sun engineers and developers by a thousand employees in January. In Oracle’s many new SPARC/Solaris roadmap, a subsequent era Solaris 12 had been transposed by Solaris and SPARC subsequent — incremental upgrades.

Former Sun executive Bryan Cantrill reported, formed on his conversations with stream Solaris group members, that Oracle’s latest layoffs were, “So low as to be fatal: The core Solaris engineering classification mislaid on a sequence of 90 percent of a people, including radically all management.” James Gosling, Java’s creator, summed it up: “Solaris … got a bullet in a conduct from Oracle on Friday.”

Stick a flare in Solaris, a once renouned Unix handling system. It’s done.

Oracle’s 2009 partnership of Sun, that gave a association Solaris and SPARC, was a terrible pierce from day one. The arise of commodity Linux x86-based servers insured that Oracle shopping Sun would be an all-time awful record partnership and acquisition.

Indeed, you’d be tough pulpy to find anything that went right with Oracle’s $7.2 billion squeeze of Sun. Simon Phipps, former Sun open-source officer and handling executive of Meshed Insights, gave a long, unpleasant list of all a many once renouned Sun programs that Oracle wasted. Among them are:

When all is pronounced and finished — and now all has been pronounced and finished — Oracle shopping Sun was a rubbish of income for Oracle and a rubbish of once profitable Sun technologies. Great moves, Ellison. Let’s see if we can continue your good work with holding Oracle to a cloud.


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