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Sugarlock video editor hands-on: Play, cut, and share your movement camera footage in minutes

Image: Sugarlock

Do we dismay sitting in front of a PC going by videos to find a few pieces of movement to share with family and friends? The Sugarlock is here to palliate a pain and make modifying fun.

Action cameras urge any year (see my Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 review) and some are even accessible for usually $70 (see my new take on a Aukey 4K sports movement camera). While we suffer capturing bike rides, hikes, adventures in a snow, vessel trips, fly fishing trips, and some-more on several movement cameras, modifying is not fun.

The new $99 Sugarlock Instant Video Editor was combined to residence this accurate pain indicate and after contrast one out for a final integrate of weeks we am assured this is a approach to go.

I was means to perspective several clips, cut out all a passed atmosphere time, and lift together a shave that showed me throwing dual fish within about 3 minutes. All with usually my smartphone, a 65-inch LCD TV, and a Sugarlock device.

For millions, a Chromebook or iPad is ideally excusable as a primary computer. Video modifying has always been one duty that people forked to as a shortfall for these forms of computing devices. A $99 Sugarlock device might be a ideal messenger for these folks who don’t wish a full-blown Windows PC or Apple computer.

Hardware and setup

The Sugarlock is a tiny device about 4 x 3.5 x 1 inches in distance with black surrounding and blue Sugarlock branding. On a front we will find an ethernet port, microUSB port, and microSD label slot. On a behind is a detachable Wi-Fi antenna, reset button, Wi-Fi setup button, microUSB pier for a energy connection, and full distance HDMI pier (an HDMI wire is enclosed in a package).

Simply block in a HDMI wire to your TV, block in a energy wire (included in a package too), and insert a microSD label from your movement camera. Install a Sugarlock app on your iOS or Android device and launch it. Connect a Wi-Fi on your smartphone to a Sugarlock device that is found locally in your Wi-Fi settings. A Wi-Fi Direct tie is used to bond your smartphone to a Sugarlock device.

Editing video on your TV

Once a Wi-Fi tie is finished and after we launch a app, a arrangement will seem on your smartphone in landscape (should seem in this course automatically) with 4 icons on any side of a vast purple box. The vast purple box is indeed a hold remote control for a Sugarlock and a arrangement on your TV. Let’s burst over to a TV interface for a second.

On your TV we will see thumbnails along a left side and top. The left side contains videos from a same day and afterwards relocating to a right advances we to opposite days. Once we name a thumbnail, a video will start personification on a categorical display.

Over to a right we will see a video sum (name, format, and length) and next that some other sum of a knowledge (Wi-Fi connection, smartphone we are determining Sugarlock with, a video source, and giveaway space on a video source).

Tap on your smartphone to enter a full shade observation mode of a video and afterwards we can perform edits to a video or control a observation experience.

Back on a smartphone app we will find a back, constraint thumbnail, switch, and settings icons on a left side. Capturing a thumbnail will concede we to allot a thumbnail to a comparison video so when we go behind to a categorical navigation row on your TV we can see what a video contains rather than a vacant box. Settings is where we can conduct your connection.

On a right side we will find a cut, share video, snap and share photo, and undo buttons. Snap and share still photos from a video if we desire, yet afterwards let’s get to a video cutting.

Tap on a vast purple box to play or postponement a video. To edit, we contingency initial postponement a video during a commencement of where we wish to make a initial cut. Tap a cut button, pierce a cut line to a right of your initial cut, and daub a cut symbol again to make your second cut. Keep creation as many cuts as we wish along a video timeline.

Now pierce a play postponement indicator between a cut lines where we wish calm private and appropriate down on your smartphone display. Notice that a video timeline now changes to a garland of straight lines rather than a plain line. Move around a timeline and cut between cut lines, or to a left of a initial and right of a last, to cut out a sections of a video we wish removed.

Lastly, press a share video symbol to describe a new video from your cut version. After it is rendered and mastered, we can share it to amicable networks or save it to your phone’s storage.

Experiences with Sugarlock

I already edited my fly fishing photos for my Aukey 4K examination regulating a aged Windows Movie Maker program on my Surface Pro 4. we could have finished a same thing in mins on a Sugarlock and might shortly collect one adult for myself.

Given that fly fishing is about 95 percent casting and station with 5 percent throwing fish, we conclude a ability to make mixed cuts via a video so that we can emanate a video that creates it demeanour like all we do when we spend 3 to 5 hours on a stream is locate fish. (Just don’t remind my family that a video is usually 15 mins prolonged and we was left for hours.)

Browsing by your video library and scrolling by your video calm is lightning discerning on a Sugarlock device. It is discerning and easy to cut sections of your video with a few finger movements. It takes a few mins to “master” a video and download it so that we can share it or save to your smartphone for after observation or editing.

In further to modifying though, we enjoyed a elementary observation knowledge supposing by a Sugarlock. My family enjoyed examination my prisoner footage on a stream given nothing of my girls fly fish and it was easy for me to fast appropriate by tedious collection of my casting.

The full shade observation on a vast high clarification TV was a improved knowledge than modifying and pity to Facebook or YouTube where they would afterwards perspective a video on a smartphone. The cold thing is that we can take a Sugarlock with we and friends can cocktail in their movement camera footage so we can have a observation celebration after an adventure.

What’s missing?

The Sugarlock device creates slicing videos and pity them fast and easily, and for many people capturing movement camera footage, removing a calm out for family and friends is a many critical function. Some people like to do some-more with their videos, yet a Sugarlock is not unequivocally designed for professionals.

Here are a stipulations we beheld with a Sugarlock:

  • Footage can't be changed around within a modifying duty so all contingency be in sequence
  • You can't splice in mixed videos to make one prolonged video
  • There are no collection for adding titles or animations to your video

Even with these stipulations though, we could still use a Sugarlock for fast collecting a best segments and afterwards saving them to your smartphone. Take those pivotal clips and afterwards revise them as we enterprise in a full blown editor on your computer. The Sugarlock will still save we time slicing out a calm we don’t wish and might be value it for professionals as well.

The Sugarlock is accessible now for $99 and we devise to collect one adult and save myself a ton of time modifying my movement camera footage.

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