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StorageOS goes into beta and free availability in the Docker Store

UK-based cloud software start-up StorageOS has gone into beta with its eponymously named policy-driven distributed storage platform, with the software now being made available free to developers in the Docker Store, where it has recently achieved Docker Certified status.

The company claims that its distributed storage platform was built by a team of architects, engineers and developers from major financial services organisations in London in a bid to solve the real-world problems they faced in their former jobs.

The StorageOS beta has no hardware or kernel dependencies, and can be installed in the cloud, in virtual machines, or on bare metal with a single command.

“StorageOS is ideal for developers wanting to deploy highly available databases in containerized apps within seconds; delivering a simple to use interface that is tightly integrated with Docker, making it easy for developers to deploy enterprise storage for their applications wherever it is needed,” claimed the company in a statement.

“Containers have made app deployment lightweight and portable,” said StorageOS CEO Chris Brandon.

He continued: “We think storage should be just as reliable and flexible. StorageOS addresses one of the key stumbling blocks to taking containers into enterprise production: persistent storage. We expect our container storage solution to enhance the ability of developers to build stateful containerised apps.”

One of its key ‘unique selling points’ is that it provides “a persistent, cloud-native storage platform that helps make applications portable and secure without hardware or cloud provider lock-in”, added Rumi Contractor, chief operating officer of services company Quinnox.

Its main features include:

  • High availability, high performance, persistent block storage;
  • Access to storage volumes via Docker and Kubernetes plug-ins;
  • Policy driven management of storage features;
  • Management via the RESTful API, command line interface, or GUI.  


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