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StorageOS goes into beta and giveaway accessibility in a Docker Store

UK-based cloud program start-up StorageOS has left into beta with a eponymously named policy-driven distributed storage platform, with a program now being done accessible giveaway to developers in a Docker Store, where it has recently achieved Docker Certified status.

The association claims that a distributed storage height was built by a group of architects, engineers and developers from vital financial services organisations in London in a bid to solve a real-world problems they faced in their former jobs.

The StorageOS beta has no hardware or heart dependencies, and can be commissioned in a cloud, in practical machines, or on unclothed steel with a singular command.

“StorageOS is ideal for developers wanting to muster rarely accessible databases in containerized apps within seconds; delivering a elementary to use interface that is firmly integrated with Docker, creation it easy for developers to muster craving storage for their applications wherever it is needed,” claimed a association in a statement.

“Containers have done app deployment lightweight and portable,” pronounced StorageOS CEO Chris Brandon.

He continued: “We consider storage should be only as arguable and flexible. StorageOS addresses one of a pivotal stumbling blocks to holding containers into craving production: determined storage. We design a enclosure storage resolution to raise a ability of developers to build stateful containerised apps.”

One of a pivotal ‘unique offered points’ is that it provides “a persistent, cloud-native storage height that helps make applications unstable and secure though hardware or cloud provider lock-in”, combined Rumi Contractor, arch handling officer of services association Quinnox.

Its categorical facilities include:

  • High availability, high performance, determined retard storage;
  • Access to storage volumes around Docker and Kubernetes plug-ins;
  • Policy driven government of storage features;
  • Management around a RESTful API, authority line interface, or GUI.  


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