Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Steam Gift Cards arrive only in time for a Halloween Sale

Just in time for a Steam Halloween Sale, Valve has introduced digital present cards, permitting we to give a present of PC gaming though withdrawal your home. 

There have been earthy present cards accessible for a while, though this would meant that you’d have to take your tangible earthy physique to an tangible earthy store in sequence to yield your desired one with some Steam Store action.

Of course, with a Steam Halloween Sale, Black Friday Sale and Winter Sale on a way, it’s wholly probable that it’s we reading this that needs a present voucher. If that’s a case, maybe we could send your desired one a couple to a Steam Gift Card Page.

No jacket required

With a Steam Halloween Sale starting tonight (if a rumors are anything to go by) you’ll have to act quick. You can usually send a digital present label to someone that you’ve been Steam Friends with for some-more than 3 days. 

The Halloween sale is ostensible to run from a Oct 26 to Nov 1, so there’s still time to require your grandma to get a Steam comment so she can send we that sweet, money-saving present goodness. 

Via Engadget

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