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Station combines all your disorderly web apps into a singular app

Meet Station, a startup that was combined by startup studio eFounders. Station has been operative on a usually work app we need. It combines all a services we need into a singular window and handles notifications and papers improved than a normal browser.

If we don’t spend your life in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook, chances are we spend many of your days in a web browser, navigating between large tabs. When we are operative with 5 opposite Google Spreadsheets, a integrate of Trello dashboards and a handful of other services, it gets harder to find what you’re looking for.

With Station, accessible for both Mac and Windows, we can find a request you’re looking for some-more easily. You afterwards need to supplement all your accounts one by one. Station supports dozens of services, though a many renouned ones are Gmail, Google Drive, Slack and Trello.

“We have 300 app integrations. We have a good user bottom with 2,500 people who use Station during slightest 4 days per week,” co-founder and CTO Alexandre Lacheze told me.

  1. Station App – App Store

  2. Station App – Instant Search

  3. Station App – Notification Center

  4. Station App – Smart Dock

  5. Station App – Smart Dock2

Each use has a possess idol in a bar on a left. You can switch from one use to another only like you’d switch from one comment to another in Slack. This app embellishment works utterly good for document-based apps, such as Google Drive. When we click on a icon, Station shows we your many new papers and we don’t get mislaid between mixed tabs.

By centralizing all in one app, Station adds a integrate of nifty features. For instance, there’s a concept hunt bar that lets we hunt for calm opposite all your apps. Think about it as a arrange of Spotlight for web apps.

Notifications also get their possess tab. You can indicate new emails, Trello notifications and Slack messages in a same interface. And there’s also a concentration mode that lets we overpower notifications for a 15 mins or an hour.

“We beheld high influence rates among selling and sales teams,” co-founder and CEO Julien Berthomier told me. “It works good for operational, support and selling profiles. The common selling chairman is going to use some-more than 20 opposite apps.”

While Station is giveaway for now, a startup is operative on a paid charity for teams. Companies will be means to allow to Station to build pre-configured profiles. If a association recruits new selling persons, a selling group will be means to share a Station template so that new employees have all they need from day one.

Station is also a good approach to get insights about who is regulating what. For instance, if a association pays for a use though nobody is regulating it, chances are we can cancel your corporate subscription. Let’s see if this will be adequate to make companies compensate for Station.

Featured Image: Vasily Pindyurin/Getty Images

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