Sunday , 25 March 2018
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Stan follows Netflix’s example, introduces the possess cost hike

After months of speculation, it was announced progressing this week that Aussie Netflix subscriptions would get a cost hike effective immediately, and now it’s been suggested that Stan is also adjusting a pricing model.

As of today, a cost of Stan’s Standard devise has perceived a 20% increase, going from $10 per month to $12 per month. Aside from a arise in cost, a Standard devise stays accurately a same in terms of what we get, with a subscriber receiving dual coexisting HD streams. 

Originally, a streaming use launched with only that devise alone, touting a intensely appealing $10 monthly subscription cost as a vital offered point.

Stan get’s a new standard

In an bid to keep that entry-level cost indicate alive, Stan has introduced a new Basic plan, charity a customary definition, singular tide choice for $10 a month. Netflix launched in Australia with identical plan, that as of this week carries a $9.99 monthly fee. 

Thankfully, Stan’s Premium plan, that offers 4 coexisting streams and Ultra HD resolutions for certain shows, has kept a $15 per month cost point.

Unlike Netflix, that used Australia’s new ‘digital GST’ as an forgive to lift a prices, Stan is an Australian association that has been charging Goods Services Tax given a launch in March, 2015, creation it seem like a use is following in a footsteps of a foe simply since it can. 

Whether a cost travel will be used to move a larger preference of TV shows and cinema to a use stays to be seen.

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