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Spotify looks set to reveal an in-car music controlling gadget

SAFELY CHANGING from a bad song to an absolute belter while driving can be fiddly, which is why Spotify could be due to unveil an in-car musing controller.

The music streaming firm has said it will be holding an event on 24 April in New York to announce something newsworthy, though it hasn’t said what. We suspect it’ll be a product and all signs point towards an in-car device of sorts.

Back in February, the Reddit rumour mill got a severe crank as Spotify users claimed that they’d received messages offering them the change to pre-order a device that runs the music streaming service and comes with Amazon’s Alexa inside it.

“Today when opening Spotify I got an offer to pre-order a device to put in my vehicle that would play Spotify in my car and had Amazon Alexa and the 4g to run it included for $14.99/mo. Now I can’t find the ad anywhere, in the app or on Spotify website. Was this a trial deal that I missed or are my googling skills failing me?” said user BulletsNBandaids.

Others said similar things with the same reports of pre-order messages popping up on Spotify’s community forums. An image of what looks like a render of the in-car controller popped up but has since been deleted.

All this points towards Spotify accidentally shooting part of its news a little too early and all-but-confirms that the company is prepping to unveil and in-car controller. Naturally, Spotify is keeping tight-lipped on the whole thing, likely in an attempt to brush any embarrassment under the table.

But we’ve encountered such leaks and premature semi unveilings before, so we reckon that these rumours are legit.

An in-car controller would be a good way for Spotify users to get the music streaming service into older cars without infotainment systems that support Spotify streaming natively or through a smartphone connection. And a partnership with Amazon to use Alexa for voice control not only makes sense from a safe driving perspective but also would seem a good way for both companies to promote their services.

We’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to see what Spotify does reveal, but expect to hear more streamed tunes on the road before too long. µ



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