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Sony’s new audio complement allows users to play a drums

The Japanese electronic giant, Sony, famous for it’s bravery in audio, has launched 3 new audio systems in India. The MHC-V81D, MHC-V71D and a MHC-V41D are usually accessible in black and cost Rs 51,990, Rs 41,990 and Rs 31,990 respectively. Readers can buy them during any Sony Center or vital electronic store in India. 

The MHC-V81 is a some-more imperishable orator with a dust-proof and splash-proof tip aspect and a hold row that allows we to use a device’s hold shade to play a drums. It also has dual submit points where users can block in their mic or guitar. It even has wheels to let we hurl a orator around rather than have to lift it.

As a celebration speaker, it can chuck lights opposite a room, though some-more than that, it can also bond and sync with to adult to 50 systems simultaneously.  The association claims that their possess audio coding record called LDAC, helps send information thrice as quick compared to typical Bluetooth audio.   

There’s even a Football Mode for sports lovers. It can revoke a exegesis volume and boost a throng noises instead when there’s a diversion on. The aim to is make it feel like an in-stadium experience. 

The MHC-V81D is integrated with options to play DVDs/CDs from an HDMI output. The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) helps raise a peculiarity of audio files even if they’re compressed. 

What’s missing

The MHC-81D, being a premier model, has all a features. But, a MHC-V71D supports 360-degree live sound along with a additional dual tweeters that make a outcome possible. 

The MHC-V41D, a cheapest of a lot, is fundamentally nude bare. There’s no hold panel, wheels or celebration lights either. Which means, no Taiko Mode or Football Mode. 

The apps

Users can select to download a ‘Fiestable’ app, that will give them additional controls like DJ mode, DJ outcome  (isolator/flanger/wah/pan), sampler (drums/voice/etc.) and EQ. And then, there’s a underline called a ‘Taiko Mode.’ It’s a loyalty to drums where a whole complement can be used a drum and a confederate widespread sound generator spreads a sound evenly. 

The second app called Music Center allows users to control song and settings from their smartphones. 

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