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Sony PS4 launch preview

Sony PS4

Sony is holding a ‘PlayStation Meeting 2013’ eventuality in New York currently where it is approaching to announce a PS4. You can watch a eventuality live here: PS4 launch: live. UPDATE: see a story – PS4 rising Holidays 2013 full details. See also: PS4 cost in UK; how many will a PlayStation 4 cost?

The PS4 will be a firm’s new gaming console to reinstate a renouned PlayStation 3. The device comes shortly after Nintendo launched a Wii U and maybe some-more importantly before Microsoft reveals a subsequent era of a Xbox typically famous as a Xbox 720.

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Sony’s PlayStation assembly will take place after currently during 6pm New York time (11pm UK time) so a wait is scarcely over to find out a sum of a rarely expected PS4.

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The strange PlayStation was launch in Japan behind in 1994 and was followed adult by a PlayStation 2 in 2000 and a PlayStation 3 launched in 2006. All 6 year gaps though no PS4 seemed final year.

Sony’s final PlayStation Meeting, hold in 2011, was for a handheld PS Vita, so it’s intensely expected that today’s is for a PS4.

PS4: Specifications

Rumoured specifications for a PlayStation 4 embody an AMDx64 CPU and an AMD Southern Island GPU. This means it will be means of a 4096 x 2160 picture while 3D games can be played in 1080p – a PS3 can usually conduct 3D games during a fortitude of 720p.

We’ve listened that a PS4 won’t be retrograde concordant with aged games, like many consoles. However, a new gossip suggests that users will be means to tide PS3 games online.

Microsoft Kinect styled movement-based gaming is presumably going to be a customary underline on a PS4. Developer PlayStation kits come with 4GB of RAM though a consumer console will apparently container 8GB of RAM.

Below is a leaked picture of what could be a PS4 controller finish with a PS Vita character touchpad in a middle. The light on tip suggests a PlayStation Move sensor and there’s also a idea a that a microphone built-in will concede for Siri-like voice control.

Sony PS4 controller

PS4: Release date

Although a PS4 will substantially be announced today, it’s doubtful to strike a shops for a series of months. Sony will substantially launch it in Japan, and probable a US, in time for Christmas though it might not arrive in Europe until afterwards.

PS4: Price

It’s anyone’s theory as to how many a PS4 will cost and there might be opposite versions during opposite cost points. Based on several rumours a good starting indicate is around a £300 mark. We’ll have to wait and see.
There will be expected opposite bundles of a console sole with opposite games included.

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