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Sony KD-65X9005A review

Sony KD-65X9005A

There’s a series in resolutions function in a universe of television. The now entire full-HD customary of 1920×1080 pixels, once a slicing corner of clarity, is being superseded by what’s been termed 4K or ultra HD, means to broach 4 times a detail. Of course, this being new tech, 4K screens also come with 4 times as many caveats… See all digital home reviews for more.

One thing’s for sure, 4K isn’t a fad. By a finish of a year, many vital TV brands will have committed to rising UHD fortitude screens.

Sony is initial out of a gate, with a X9 models. The 55-inch KD-55X9005A sells for £3999 and a KD-65X9005A, reviewed here, will set we behind £5999.

Expensive undoubtedly, though in a universe of leading-edge LCD, this can be deliberate flattering rival things –less than a year ago both Sony and LG were tentatively touting 84-inch 4k screens labelled in additional of £20,000. See also: Group test: what’s a best TV?

Sony KD-65X9005A 4k TV: design

When it comes to design, a KD-65X9005A is a knock-out. Sony’s preference to build in forward-facing high-grade speakers apparently creates a vast disproportion to a set’s audio performance, though a approach a slimline captivating liquid drivers have been sculpted directly into a fascia is zero reduction than artful.

Connections contain 4 HDMIs, SCART, component/composite video, 3 USBs and ethernet. Wi-Fi is built in. Two remote controls are bundled, a customary Sony remote and a simplified Bluetooth choice with integrated NFC chip. This facilitates a discerning pity couple with a TV, and has been optimised for use with a brand’s Xperia Android phones.  

The user interface on this set is accurately a same as that found elsewhere in a Sony operation – a brand’s engineers sadly haven’t employed a additional fortitude to emanate a bespoke UHD UI. Still as an interface, it’s easy to use.

The internet TV sustenance is pretty solid. Catch-up services embody BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, Netflix, Lovefilm, YouTube and others. Multimedia record playback harmony is extended opposite a LAN and from USB drives.

To assistance weigh this screen, we were granted with a 4k media actor featuring well-chosen film clips and promotional footage in UHD. Predictably, a formula were spectacular.

Sony KD-65X9005A

Sony KD-65X9005A 4K TV: additional resolution

The ultra-fine 3840×2160 fortitude of a row compels we to perspective close, nonetheless you’re never wakeful of any pixel structure. Indeed, while we need a vast shade to conclude a additional resolution, a thought is to lay nearby rather than distant away.  

The catch, of course, is that there’s no local 4k video available. So for a time being that throws a plea precisely over to a set’s upscaler. Thankfully it doesn’t disappoint.

Unlike Sony’s 84-inch KD-84X9005A screen, 4K estimate here is rubbed by dual rather than 3 chips. The initial beam incoming calm to full-HD dimensions, withdrawal a second to hoop a acclimatisation adult to 3840 pixels across.

To do this, a chip incorporates a absolute picture database. Algorithms confirm what form of picture strategy to apply, and a outcome is beautifully rendered, cinematically well-spoken images.

The impact of a 4k diagnosis on full-HD calm is pointed nonetheless beneficial. HD from a set’s Freeview HD tuner takes on an surprising solidity, while Blu-ray discs vaunt conspicuous depth. If a front is mastered from a 4k source, residual high-frequency information left in a picture can be exploited by Sony’s processing. The formula demeanour remarkably good.

Sony KD-65X9005A 4K TV: 3D

Almost by accident, a set also does a fanciful pursuit with 3D. Unlike unchanging pacifist 3D screens, there’s no detriment of picture resolution. Sky 3D and stereoscopic Blu-rays are scaled adult to 4k, and afterwards halved behind to 1080p by a pacifist glasses. The ensuing 3D is detailed, immersive and gentle to watch.

Motion doing is tip notch. The set employs a series of quick modernise techniques, dubbed Motionflow XR 800Hz, that retains full fact within quick relocating content, but apparent artefacting.

Another area where a KD-65X9005A shines is colour fidelity. A Triluminos-branded Quantum Dot filter has been placed over a LED backlight that boosts a colour gamut. Images sing from a screen. Black levels are deep, quite when noticed in low ambient light rather than entirely blacked out conditions. See all TV reviews.

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