Wednesday , 25 April 2018
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Sonos owners can collect adult a bonus Echo Dot right now

After a prolonged duration of articulate adult a advantages of smart speakers, Sonos has finally launched one of a really own: a Sonos One.

This orator is radically an Amazon Echo but, entrance from Sonos, it has a advantage of charity most improved sound – something that we remarkable in a review.

However, as good as it is, a Sonos One is not a inexpensive speaker. Anyone that’s already invested heavily in an costly Sonos orator set adult is doubtful to wish to buy an wholly new Sonos device usually to suffer hands-free Amazon Alexa functions. 

Smarten up

Fortunately, they don’t have to. Adding Alexa functionality to your existent Sonos speakers is indeed simply a box of purchasing an Echo Dot and regulating a giveaway Sonos ability for Alexa to join all together.

In an bid to relieve a additional responsibility and give some-more of a business a possibility to use a new Alexa integration, Sonos has announced that a existent business will accept a limited-time £25 bonus on Amazon’s Echo Dot speakers.

With this discount, it’ll be probable to collect adult an Amazon Echo Dot for £24.99 rather than £49.99. 

Starting today, Sonos has pronounced it’ll be promulgation emails to a business containing a unique, one-use formula that can be redeemed during a Amazon checkout. If we do wish to use a code, it’s value temperament in mind that a graduation will usually run until Oct 31 so you’ll have to pierce fast. 

If you’ve been meddlesome in intelligent orator record though haven’t been means to bear a suspicion of sacrificing your existent sound peculiarity to do so, this is a distant some-more affordable approach to burst on a bandwagon. 

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