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Some new Surface Pro users stating hibernation problems

Some different series of users of Microsoft’s newest Surface Pro inclination are stating they’re carrying hibernation issues that are causing unwanted, pointless shutdowns.

As ComputerWorld remarkable on Jul 7, a series of people have been angry about a Surface Pro hibernation issue over a past integrate of weeks in a Microsoft Answers forum and on Reddit.

(I have had usually a integrate of people hit me directly to see if I’d listened about this emanate over a past month or so.)

Microsoft introduced a newest member of a Surface family, a Surface Pro — that it is positioning as a “most versatile laptop” — in late May. The device is a inheritor to a Intel-based Surface Pro 4.

A Microsoft deputy in a forum posted on Jun 28 that Microsoft was wakeful of a emanate and looking into it.

“We are wakeful of a tiny organisation of business stating a unfolding with their new Surface Pro in that a device inadvertently hibernates. We are questioning this issue,” pronounced “BryanH” from Microsoft.

The hibernation and opening thread on Microsoft Answers that includes a answer above has some-more than 250 replies. The problem seems to be function to a accumulation of models, using both i5 and i7 processors.

Community Forum judge Barb Bowman is suggesting that users who are influenced should lapse their inclination for an sell or refund.

It’s not transparent either this problem could be fixable by a program refurbish or not. Microsoft has had a series of battery/power issues with prior Surface models, that in some cases took months to fix.

I asked Microsoft currently for an refurbish on what’s happening. No word behind so far.

Update: A Microsoft orator pronounced a association had zero some-more to contend over a matter from “BryanH” quoted above. The association also is not quantifying over “a tiny group” a series of people influenced by this issue.

In other Surface news, Microsoft kicked off a back-to-school understanding offers today, Jul 7, that embody Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book devices.

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