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Snowflake Computing raises $100 million to enhance cloud information room footprint

Snowflake Computing, a cloud information room vendor, has sealed a $100 million appropriation turn as it aims to enhance internationally.

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The company, built on Amazon Web Services, was founded in 2012 and has lifted $205 million so far. The appropriation turn was led by ICONIQ Capital and Madrona Venture Group and enclosed a initial try partners.

Snowflake pronounced it will build out a engineering group as it aims to take some-more on-premise information room workloads. CEO Bob Muglia, a former Microsoft exec, pronounced a appropriation will assistance Snowflake scale. we held adult with Muglia to speak shop. Among a pivotal themes:

Building on Amazon Web Services. Snowflake’s cloud information room use is built on AWS, that also competes around Redshift and other offerings. “AWS has treated us well. We contest with them obviously, though they are good partners,” pronounced Muglia. Translation: Netflix is built on AWS and competes with Amazon. Snowflake is a information room spin on that theme.

Also: Will Snowflake hint a cloud information room cost war?

Where are we in a cloud information room adoption curve? Muglia pronounced information warehouses in a cloud are still in a early adoption proviso internationally, though have strike an rhythm indicate in a US. Part of Snowflake’s latest appropriation turn will be clinging to flourishing in Europe, that has information government laws. “In Europe there is a lot of interest,” pronounced Muglia. When Snowflake initial started, a association sole to early adopters in a media, ad tech and party industry. “We were competing opposite Redshift essentially since it was a early leader,” explained Muglia. “But a universe has altered and mainstream companies are relocating toward cloud adoption and they are looking for solutions that work with structured, unstructured, and transactional business data.”

As a result, Snowflake is increasingly competing with Oracle, IBM’s Netezza, and Teradata, pronounced Muglia. Snowflake’s design is built to conduct normal information room workloads as good as unstructured data. “We built from a belligerent adult for a cloud,” pronounced Muglia.


Typically, a patron has an existent information room and starts with Snowflake and possibly uses a cloud for new workloads or eventually migrates.

Gartner puts Snowflake into a niche marketplace in a information government Magic Quadrant.


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Hadoop. Snowflake is mostly alighting business that have turn artificial with Hadoop. “Hadoop is an easy aim since no one is happy and it’s tough to make Hadoop work. It’s a scholarship plan fundamentally that’s a multi-month, multi-year resolution with tradition SI (systems integrator) work,” pronounced Muglia. “If you’re Netflix we can make Hadoop, though there are maybe 10 to 20 companies that are proficient.”

The Internet of things. Muglia pronounced that IoT creates a lot of “semi-structured” information and is difficult to conduct with a structured approach. That conditions is good for Snowflake. The subsequent chronicle of LTE will also emanate a swell in IoT data. Snowflake is enchanting a open zone for intelligent city and other metropolitan deployments.

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