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Sling TV’s Cloud DVR underline expands to dozens of new devices

Sling TV is expanding a Cloud DVR use to dozens of devices, DISH announced today. The updated choice now includes Chrome browser, Chromecast, Xbox One, LG Smart TVs and 2016 and 2017 models of Samsung Smart TVs – which, in theory, should usually about cover each device able of using Sling TV.

Like Cloud DVR on opposition services like PlayStation Vue or YouTube TV, Sling TV’s digital DVR allows we to record any array of shows concurrently for after viewing. Unlike a other DVRs, however, we can store adult to 50 hours of shows for an total volume of time – according to Sling, they’ll never expire. 

The other disproportion for Sling TV’s DVR is that we have to pointer adult to use it – it’s not built into a bottom package. 

Considering that a Sling TV DVR package usually costs an additional $5 per month for 50 hours of storage space, a $5 acknowledgment price isn’t so bad. 

What is DVR? 

Oh, right. Well, DVR is digital video recording. It’s a underline that built whole companies in a late ’90s and early Aughts (TiVo, for example) since it authorised people to pierce divided from linear TV and take one step towards on-demand shows. 

To use DVR behind in a day, though, you’d need a specific square of hardware to save a recordings of a shows. This digital DVR would need to be spotless out periodically, and it would need to be set to record manually. 

Cloud DVR is a expansion of that system.

With Sling’s Cloud DVR, all your shows are stored, well, in a cloud. That means no additional hardware and no additional government needed. You can simply prominence a uncover or array of uncover you’d like to watch later, and Sling TV will record it for we subsequent time it airs. Then, if we run out of space, Sling TV will automatically undo a oldest part in your library. 

The obstacle here is that DVR isn’t enclosed in a bottom package – a teenager distrurbance if you’re entrance from normal wire with giveaway DVR. Still, Sling TV is usually $20 a month for a bottom package so even but Cloud DVR enclosed it stays one of a best deals in live TV streaming.

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