Tuesday , 22 May 2018
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Slack touts 8M users as group partnership foe intensifies

Slack continues to grow during a discerning shave notwithstanding clever foe from Microsoft and other vast vendors.

Slack effectively combined a marketplace for team-based discuss collection when it debuted 4 years ago, and has given seen a slew of competitors launch opposition products. According to a latest user adoption stats expelled by a company, Slack now depends 8 million daily active users opposite some-more than 500,000 organizations. That’s adult from 6 million final September, when a association touted $200 million in annual repeated revenues. 

More poignant is a series of paid users on a platform; that series has increasing from 2 million users in Sep to 3 million now, while a series of paid teams grew from 50,000 to 70,000. That expansion points to Slack’s success in converting users to a paid versions as good as convincing vast business to use a Enterprise Grid product.

In comparison, Microsoft’s Teams discuss app, that arrived for all users in Mar 2017, has been deployed by 200,000 organizations, yet a association doesn’t yield total for daily active users. Teams is accessible in some subscriptions to Microsoft’s Office365 suite, that has 120 million users.

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