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SilverStone Primera PM01-RGB

Introduction, Design Features

SilverStone’s grand full-tower PC box is back, with some notable upgrades and a limited-edition indication that will have we possibly grinning or cringing.

The Primera PM01-RGB, that was attack U.S. retailers usually as we wrote this in late Jun 2017, has an in-your-face front row that showcases a 3 140mm intake fans with a assistance of SilverStone’s possess particular RGB LED fan guards, that resemble big, intense snowflakes. Put some additional RGB LED lighting behind a gradual potion side panel, and you’re looking during a serious showcase chassis.

Here’s a demeanour a PM01-RGB and next that, a limited-edition PM01-FX…

SilverStone Primera PM01-RGB (PM01-RGB)

SilverStone Primera PM01-RGB (PM01-FX)

Let’s get this out of a approach right now: Yes, that’s a burning unicorn gracing a side row of a Primera PM01-FX. We’ll acknowledge that we puncture it, yet we comprehend that many of we won’t. More important, SilverStone recognizes that, too, that is since a unicorn will be roving usually a singular done collection of these cases as a singular edition. The PM01-FX is matching to a PM01-RGB, save for a unicorn side panel, and it is approaching to sell in a area of $170, contra a $159.99 MSRP of a no-unicorn version.

Both of a new Primera cases hang on to a best facilities from SilverStone’s strange Primera PM01, that we checked out final summer. One of those is an inner fan hub, that provides copiousness of headers for your cooling devices. And since it’s tucked behind a motherboard tray, a heart creates stealing your additional wire lengths easy.

Another perk that sticks around from a comparison Primera PM01 box to a new models is a support for liquid-cooling devices. If you’re not jumping on a small-PC bandwagon that’s been picking adult speed of late, it’s substantially since we need a space for liquid-cooling gear. SilverStone seems to know that. The framework builder went out of a approach to yield space (complete with screw holes) for radiators during a top, back, and front of a system. You can cold your CPU and your graphics hardware regulating unconditionally apart cooling loops with their possess radiators, if we so desire. There’s adequate room.

SilverStone also kept a removable fan filters. Because we work with so many desktop PCs, we’ve come to conclude stout filters that are easy to strech and mislay for cleaning. The PM01 had glorious filters, and so does a new PM01-RGB.

SilverStone Primera PM01-RGB (Lighting)

And, of course, there’s a torpedo lighting, that defines a Primera PM01 series’ style. But SilverStone done some changes to give artistic users some-more coherence when customizing a case. Thanks to a RGB LED lighting, we can select colors (and lighting modes) to compare your mood.

SilverStone is charity a PM01-RGB in 3 colors: black, matte black, and white (PM01B-RGB, PM01C-RGB and PM01W-RGB, respectively; we perceived a center one for review). The PM01-FX will also be accessible in black and white models; a white one will have an “ice unicorn” pattern instead of a glow ‘corn. (See a preview of these and other SilverStone cases from CES 2017.) The cases support MicroATX and ATX motherboards.

Be Quiet Dark Base Pro 900, yet a SilverStone’s framework is really not for tiny spaces. The PM01-RGB final a stout desk, not to discuss a large cube of that desk’s surface.

SilverStone Primera PM01-RGB (Right Angled)

As a name suggests, one of a Primera PM01-RGB’s many eye-catching facilities is a lighting. (That said, we’d disagree that a sturdiness and inner blueprint are a many critical characteristics.) SilverStone given a strange Primera PM01 with a smoke-stack of LED-lit fans behind a honeycomb-style front row to emanate an impressive, attention-grabbing look. Built-in LED strips continued a outcome inside a framework and nearby a window. But business had usually dual choices in LED colors: red or blue. This time around, we can customize a lighting as many as you’d like. 

SilverStone Primera PM01-RGB (Front)

At initial glance, a front of a Primera PM01-RGB resembles a front row of a comparison Primera PM01 chassis, yet a pointed disproportion will matter to DIY-ers. With a PM01-RGB, SilverStone skipped a LED fans in preference of LED fan guards, that lay in front of a fans. As a result, we can mislay a fans though inspiring a front panel’s LED lighting. Want to mountain your radiator nearby a front and cite a fans we already have? No problem. You won’t remove a demeanour we paid for.

SilverStone Primera PM01-RGB (Fan Guards)

The dual light strips obliged for lighting a interior of a framework are also RGB-capable, vouchsafing we control a light intrigue with a singular button. That button, that sits during a tip of a chassis, is handier than it looks, interjection to a toggling feature. You can select from a garland of canned modes and colors to give your PC a new demeanour in a matter of seconds.

Of course, you’ll have many finer control over your lighting than a symbol affords by regulating your motherboard’s RGB lighting software. Pick adult a motherboard that supports RGB lighting, and you’re in business. SilverStone’s RGB lighting is designed to support Asrock’s Aura RGB LED, Asus’ Aura Sync, Gigabyte’s RGB Fusion, and MSI’s Mystic Light Sync, as good as a lighting schemes used by Biostar’s Racing motherboards, and others. The motherboard-based lighting program will let we pinpoint those specific shades of colors we wish and emanate worldly light shows.

SilverStone also upgraded a window side row for a PM01-RGB, switching from a half-panel window to a row done of gradual potion finish to end. The panel-as-window underline accounts (at slightest in part) for a case’s increasing weight, as it’s surprisingly heavy.

SilverStone Primera PM01-RGB (Full Panel Window)

The full-panel window creates for a confidant look, and we like it, yet we still also like side row on a strange Primera PM01. That panel’s window left a blind mark nearby a front of a interior, giving we copiousness of space to accumulate cables out of sight. The Primera PM01-RGB’s row exposes that area, definition you’ll need to move your best cable-management game. On a other hand, a incomparable interior perspective also means that people can see some-more of your cooling hardware, either that’s a commissioned fans or a radiator. Depending on what it is and how it looks, that might be a good thing or a bad thing.

SilverStone designed a Primera PM01-RGB to emanate certain airflow. That’s not unusual, yet it’s an critical evil of a chassis. Thanks to a size, a PM01-RGB has copiousness of options when it comes to fan placement. The box ships with a 3 140mm front-panel fans and singular 140mm empty fan, yet it can support 120mm replacements, if we prefer. The tip of a box has holes for 3 some-more 120mm fans (or dual 140mm fans), while a behind of a box supports usually one 120mm (or 140mm) fan, to emanate certain airflow.

SilverStone Primera PM01-RGB (Back)

As we mentioned earlier, a PM01-RGB is really liquid-cooling-friendly, ancillary radiators from 120mm to 360mm in a front or during a top. That behind fan mark is also able of doing a 120mm or 140mm radiator and a fans. SilverStone updated a good in a tip row of a PM01-RGB to accommodate incomparable radiators than a strange box supported.

A framework during this cost indicate (or any cost point, in a opinion) should have decent fan filters. The PM01-RGB’s filters are usually what we want: sturdy, easy-to-reach panels that trip out for cleaning. SilverStone put a filter in a front and another underneath a power-supply exhaust. (The latter one is graphic below.) That front-panel filter has a rectilinear grid that can cut adult a perspective of a LEDs a bit, depending on where we stand, yet it’s not expected to be a large emanate for many buyers.

SilverStone Primera PM01-RGB (Fan Filter)

As we mentioned, a PM01-RGB’s tip has a slot that is ideal for cooling gear. Removing (and replacing) a tip is easy. The tip also houses a front-panel ports, that are a common suspects: dual USB 3.0 ports, dual USB 2.0 ports, and audio/mic jacks. A USB Type-C pier would have been a good hold here.

SilverStone Primera PM01-RGB (Open Top)

SilverStone Primera PM01-RGB (Top)

The Primera PM01-RGB has a sum ability of 70.3 liters, definition SilverStone had copiousness of space to work with when conceptualizing a interior. It combined a blueprint that showcases a motherboard while tucking many of a other hardware out of sight. Multiple grommeted pass-throughs approach your cables to a distant side of a case, formulating a purify look.

SilverStone Primera PM01-RGB (Open Left)

The Primera PM01-RGB supports graphics-card lengths adult to 16.5 inches with widths adult to 6.88 inches, charity copiousness of room for today’s high-end video cards. The interior also provides copiousness space for building CPU coolers, permitting cooler heights adult to 180mm.

Now, let’s take a demeanour during a behind-the-scenes side of a Primera PM01-RGB…

SilverStone Primera PM01-RGB (Open Right)

Check out a integrated cable-management straps, a lighting controller, and a fan controller/hub. It’s adequate to make a DIY-er rip up. We’d roughly like to have a window on this side’s panel, too, usually to uncover off all of a efficiencies SilverStone reserve here.

SilverStone put some hardware of a possess in a Primera PM01-RGB. The fan controller provides support for adult to 8 fans from a singular connection. As for a RGB LED controller, 6 of a connectors are already used by a case’s onboard RGB LEDs, yet a controller house has dual giveaway connectors for users who wish to supplement their possess light strips. The controller also has a switch that lets we select motherboard-software or case-based control for a lighting. You’ll wish to put this in a scold position before we sign adult a right row after your build.

SilverStone Primera PM01-RGB (RGB LED Controller)

As for storage, we have copiousness of coherence here. Overall, a box supports 3 3.5-inch drives (via plane slide-in sleds) and 5 2.5-inch drives, and, alternately, you can put 2.5-inch drives in a 3.5-inch expostulate sleds. You can see a 3.5-inch bays below…

SilverStone Primera PM01-RGB (Horizontal Bays)

In further to those bays, we have dual removable 2.5-inch sleds that mountain vertically, underneath a CPU-cooler cutout, that we can see a few images back. These sleds detach around a singular thumbscrew each. SilverStone also drilled holes in a motherboard tray, down a left side above a 3.5-inch bays, for ascent 3 some-more 2.5-inch drives. Those are a small trickier to install. (You’ll need to supplement a screws from a other side of a case.) But if we need a storage, those spots are available.

This side also provides entrance to a energy supply. A gaming PC box like a Primera PM01-RGB is going to see a share of bulky, absolute energy supplies, so SilverStone gave a cell some-more than 240mm of space. We like a row that hides a brook from steer on a showcase side of a PM01-RGB. SilverStone put a pass-through in that row so we can beam a required energy cables (particularly a massive 24-pin connector cable) directly adult toward a motherboard while exposing usually a smallest needed.

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